Sandy may back down from billboard fight


The city of Sandy, opposed to the twin billboards that are set to appear at the corner of Highway 26 and Haley Road in Boring, may back down from its legal battle against the Measure 37-enabled project if other individuals and entities don't help out the city.

'We're looking for more than just moral support on fighting this - maybe some financial support,' City Manager Scott Lazenby told The Post last week.

Legal counsel told the city that while it could have success in a lawsuit against Clackamas County for allowing the 76-foot billboards to be constructed, the billboard companies will 'spend pretty much as much as it takes to knock Sandy out of the water,' Lazenby said. 'It would be pretty hard to go against them. Unless folks will financially support this, we have other priorities.'

In other news, the city and the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners plan to set up a joint workshop in the near future to talk about ways to strengthen the Green Corridor Agreement, which, among other things, notifies the city whenever there's any development application for the 'green space' between Sandy and Gresham.