Community members gathered Tuesday night, April 3, to take the first steps to form a new group designed to promote a bond that would construct a new Sandy High School. Such a bond is expected on the 2008 ballot.

The committee, informally called the New High School Citizens Action Committee, will raise money through donations and fund-raisers to campaign and perform other work in support of the bond - work that the Oregon Trail School District is not permitted to do as a public entity.

Organizers plan to register the group as a political action committee but are leery of using that title as their own.

'We're looking at name options; (political action committee) is kind of a confusing name,' said Kurt McKnight, the committee's communications chairman. 'For me, never being involved in a political process, it kind of scares me. It really is more of a community action committee.'

No date or location has been set for the next meeting, but organizers hope to get at least 100 volunteers to help. They particularly need anybody with a background in law or political action committee experience.

'Our biggest push right now is to get as many people involved as we can,' said committee member DJ Anderson. 'It's going to take a community effort.'

For more information, call Kurt McKnight at 503-622-5073.

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