There are many British accents in the UK

To the Editor:

Contrary to the feature article, 'The British are here,' there is no such thing as a single British accent.

As an American who lived for two years in England and 20 years in Canada and visited both Scotland and Australia for two weeks each, I can assure Cliff Newell that there are many accents in the United Kingdom and that neither Canadians nor Australians consider themselves British or speak with an English or British accent.

Fred de Luna

West Linn

Time to upgrade Oregon's bottle bill

To the Editor:

My dog, Molly, and I take a daily walk down Dollar Street and then back up Willamette Falls Drive to Ostman Road. This route is less than two miles. With my attention wandering one day, I began to take note of the trash along the roads, the considerable trash.

So the next day I brought along a couple of trash bags and set out to do my good deed for the day. Very quickly it became evident that, despite having two good-sized bags with me, I would be unable to accommodate all the trash I was encountering.

I decided to concentrate just on the containers - plastic, glass, and metal.

Molly and I were weary when we got home, despite the fact that we had not ventured far off the road in our search. Had we done so, I would guess that our total take could have doubled. Being retired with nothing much to do, I decided to total up what we found:

There were 121 containers, which included: 1 milk jug, 2 spray paint cans, 1 laundry detergent container, 1 motor oil container, 3 plastic pop bottles, 13 pop cans, 7 glass liquor/wine bottles, 3 plastic liquor bottles, 8 glass beer bottles (one was stuffed with syringes), 23 beer cans, 2 energy drink cans, 9 plastic energy drink bottles, 4 glass juice bottles, 1 juice can, 4 plastic juice bottles, 3 unidentifiable plastic bottles, and 36 plastic water bottles.

I even took a picture. Then I got upset and wrote this letter.

The reader will note that every single one of these 121 containers is either redeemable or recyclable. Litter of this type is not only unsightly and rude, it is a waste of energy. Since it seems difficult to teach conservation and/or manners to the masses, I guess the least we can do is update Oregon's bottle bill.

Dean Cole

West Linn

Community colleges losing state funding

To the Editor:

Once again the Legislature is furthering the deterioration of Oregon's community colleges and higher education system.

The newly released Ways and Means co-chairs' budget does little to reverse the six-year slide in state support for higher education. These reductions have resulted in lost opportunity for thousands of Oregon students, and this new budget level doesn't begin to restore those losses.

We need a strong K-12 school system; but if public community colleges and universities can't offer the courses and programs students need, at the price they can afford, where will our high school graduates go?

I hope the Legislature reconsiders this budget, finds revenue to fund needed programs and services at all levels of education and begins to rebuild what was once a world-class education system in this state.

Preston Pulliams

District President

Portland Community College

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