TRACK: The new-look Metro is loaded with strong athletes and tough teams
by: MILES VANCE, TAKEOFF – Aloha High senior Hayley Koch hopes to lift her team to greater success during the 2007 season. Koch is a long jumper and sprinter for the Warrior girls team.

The new-look Metro League will bring a new urgency to league track and field meets each week, but before all is said and done, it may just return the same old champion in Jesuit's girls.

The Crusaders are the odds-on favorites to take top honors in the Metro League again in 2007, though Southridge's talented girls team plans to have its say with Jesuit before year's end.

'On paper, because of their depth, Jesuit should be the front-runner. They are a very strong and talented team,' said Southridge coach Terry Rife.

'Southridge will be tough, Sunset's good and Westview will be good too,' said Jesuit coach Brian Valley. 'We just want to send a lot of girls to state and see what happens.'

'We should be very competitive versus Southridge and Jesuit, but we just get overwhelmed with Jesuit and their numbers,' said Westview coach Rob Casteel.

Following are previews of the varsity girls track teams at the six Metro League high schools.


ALOHA - If hard work and senior leadership count for anything, the Aloha girls ought to enjoy greater success in 2007.

The Warriors, led by junior Shelby Brennan (800, 1500, 3000 meters), junior Emily Redmayne-Titley (shot put, discus) and senior Hayley Koch (100, 200, long jump), know they'll have a tough row to hoe in the six-team Metro League, but they're also ready to get after it.

'Our seniors have really become the backbone of our leadership this year. They've taken on the role as guidance counselors for our young and growing athletes (and) they've been a tremendous help to me in my first year as head coach,' said Aloha's head coach Bill Volk, who takes over the head job from Tim Tank this year. 'We have a number of kids who seem to be really stepping up and are committing not only to themselves but to our program and are truly trying to make it better.'

Also due for prominent roles are junior hurdler Lindsay Hunt, senior jumper Brittany McFarland and junior thrower Shannon Loggins.


100 - Hayley Koch, Sr.; Vanessa Frazier, Jr.; Priya Gupta, So.; 200 - Koch; Frazier; Corrin Neff, Fr.; 400 - Angela Swain, Sr.; Erica Ellerbrook, Jr.; Kathryn Pratt, Fr.; 800 - Shelby Brennan, Jr.; Raquel Lemire, So; 1500 - Brennan; Lemire; Sophia Degraff, Sr.; 3000 - Brennan; Degraff; 100 LH - Lindsay Hunt, Jr.; Christine Harding, Sr.; 300 IH - Hunt; Janae Fuston, Fr.; High Jump - Brittany McFarland, Sr.; Andrea Richardson, Jr.; Triple Jump - McFarland; Allyson Parker, Sr.; Long Jump - Koch; Abby Allen, So.; McFarland; Pole Vault - Kathryn Pratt, Fr.; Shot Put - Emily Redmayne-Titley, Jr.; Shannon Loggins, Jr.; Discus - Redmayne-Titley; Loggins; Javelin - Kelly Fenton, Sr.; Redmayne-Titley.


BEAVERTON - Thin is in this year with the Beaverton girls track team.

But we're talking overall participants here, not body styles. Just the same though, the 2007 Beavers feature enough talent to cause some trouble in spots.

Foremost among the Beavers' leaders are senior Sarah Curry (800, high jump, pole vault), junior Ariel Shaw (100, 200, triple jump), senior Alyssa Asay (triple jump, long jump) and junior Kelly Marineau (javelin).

'Ariel Shaw is a good sprinter. She's been a little inconsistent but she's also a great triple jumper,' said Beaverton coach Jim Archer, adding that Curry 'is an excellent pole vaulter.'

That said, the Beavers know they've got a numbers problem to deal with, fielding their smallest team in '10 or 15 years,' according to Archer.

'We're all rebuilding,' he said. 'I haven't seen a team this thin in a long time.'


100 - Ariel Shaw, Jr.; Michelle Johnson, So.; Lindsay Johnson, So.; 200 - L. Johnson; Bri Barkee, So.; Kally Barker, So.; 400 - Barker; Barkee, Audra Nash, Fr.; 800 - Sarah Curry, Sr.; Lindsey Thomas, Jr.; 1500 - Kyla Arakaki, Jr.; Courtney Graham, Jr.; Thomas; 3000 - Arakaki; Graham; 100 LH - Sydney Bowman, Jr.; Jessica Daniels, Sr.; 300 IH - Daniels; Shin ai Cox, Fr.; High Jump - Curry; Charlotte Choux, Sr.; Triple Jump - Shaw; Alyssa Asay, Sr.; L. Johnson; Long Jump - Michelle Johnson, So.; L. Johnson; Asay; Pole Vault - Curry; Choux; Shot Put - A. Soun, So.; Becca Blickenstaff, Jr.; Discus - Soun; Blickenstaff; Javelin - Kelly Marineau, Jr.; Nicole Sugihara, So.


BEAVERTON - Nothing is certain, to be sure, but the door to another Metro League title is definitely open for the Jesuit girls team.

'Every meet I look at, I go 'They have some good girls,'' said Jesuit coach Brian Valley. 'But if we can stay healthy, we'll be OK.'

This year's Crusaders are led by sophomore Tegan Clark, the defending Metro League champion in both the triple jump and long jump, junior pole vaulter and '06 Metro champ Emily Cornelius, senior discus thrower Lauren Wilkins and a strong crew of distance runners.

'Our relays and jumps are real good … and our pole vault girls are doing real well,' Valley said. 'And our distance runners are coming off a great cross country season.'


100 - Erin Kilroy, Jr.; Jenna Dixon, So.; Tegan Clark, So.; Rachel Sebastian, Jr.; 200 - Kilroy; Dixon; T. Clark; Sebastian; 400 - Kilroy; Sebastian; 800 - Sarah Bridges, Fr.; Claire Hagler, So.; Lindsay Cameron, Fr.; 1500 - Bridges; Adrienne McGuirk, Jr.; Noelle VanRysselberghe, So.; Katie Sullivan, Sr.; Liz Murphy, Jr.; 3000 - Bridges; McGuirk; VanRysselberghe; Sullivan; Murphy; 100 LH - Jennifer Monk, So.; Monica Kolinska, Jr.; Danielle Dufresne, Sr.; 300 IH - Monk; Ali Grauert, Fr.; Alexis Hosfield, So.; High Jump - Hosfield; Erin Wood, Sr.; Natasha Shirazi, Jr.; Kayla Hughes, Sr; Triple Jump - Clark; Kristen Colwell, So.; Grauert; Long Jump - Clark; Hughes; Grauert; Meghan Pranger, Jr.; Pole Vault - Nichole Shaw, Jr.; Emily Cornelius, Jr.; Pranger; Shot Put - Abby Oldshue, Sr.; Stephanie Maller, Jr.; Michelle Doran, Fr.; Discus - Lauren Wilkins, Sr.; Oldshue; Britta Ross, Sr.; Javelin - Anna Clarke, Sr.; Hilary Rudd, Sr.; Jane Rall, Sr.


BEAVERTON - With a stable of speedsters, Southridge will fill its fair share of lanes in the sprint finals at the district meet. But unlike years past, the Skyhawks aren't all legs this season after adding some muscle in the field events to maintain its spot near the top of the standings.

'These girls know how to compete and rise to the challenges set before them,' said Southridge coach Terry Rife. 'We can count on them to contend each week and ensure that our team continues to get better by working harder.'

Leading Southridge is returning state 300 intermediate hurdles champion Alyssa Rife, who is far and away the league's top hurdler. District placers Falissa Smith and Arianna Edwards, both seniors, and sophomores Trinna Miranda and Kelsay Hones also return to score big points for the Skyhawks in the sprints, as well as form one of the state's top 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams with Rife.

The addition of senior Megan Schaefer, who is competing for the first season after three years as a standout pitcher on the softball team, provides Southridge a big boost in the field events. She's already produced some of the state's top marks in both the discus and shot.

Miranda gives the Skyhawks an additional threat in the triple and long jump, rounding out a much more balanced unit in 2007.


100 - Falissa Smith, Sr.; Kelsay Hones, So; Trinna Miranda, So.; 200 - Hones; Arianna Edwards, So; 400 - Chloe Steinbeck, So.; Edwards; 800 - Edwards; Ana Montoya, Fr.; 1500 - Taylor Smiley, Sr.; Montoya; 3000 - Breane Whitlock, Sr.; 100 HH - Alyssa Rife, Jr.; Casey Finney, Sr.; Courtney Tuma, Sr.; 300 IH - Rife; Finney; High Jump - Steinbeck; Triple Jump - Miranda; Tuma; Long Jump - Miranda; Tuma; Pole Vault - Erin Lodwick, So.; Shot Put - Megan Schaefer, Sr.; Allison Baker, Sr.; Discus - M. Schaefer; Kayde Schaefer, Jr.; Baker; Javelin - K. Schaefer; Emily Tran, So.


CEDAR MILL - Sunset got a preview of its strength for the track season at last fall's Class 6A state cross country meet where the Apollos were the runner-up to Jesuit. Coming off the strong showing, Sunset's distance crew looks to pace the Apollos a season after finishing 5-1 in Metro meets and second at districts.

Senior Julia Quiring (1,500 and 3,000) is the leader of the Apollos' pack.

'She leads by example through her commitment and dedication to distance running,' Sunset coach Kevin Landon said. 'We can count on her to score points in any of the distance races we run her in.'

Sophomore Audrey Botti took eighth at the state cross country meet to pace the Apollos and will run the 1,500. Senior Rosalyn Huard (800) and juniors Kia McCann (100 and 200) and Andrea Leiken (200, 400) add depth to a solid unit on the track.

Sunset's jumpers lead its field efforts. Senior pole vaulter Mallory Ramsey's mark of 10-6 is one of the state's best in 2007. The Apollos also feature a strong trio of high jumpers capable of clearing 5-0 in junior Erin O'Brien, sophomore Laura Stanulis and freshman Iris Craig. O'Brien and Stanulis also compete in the long and triple jumps, while Craig and Mallory are the team's top hurdlers.


100 - Kia McCann, Jr.; Tara Colemann, So.; 200 - Andrea Leiken, Jr.; McCann; 400 - Amber Maheu, So.; Leiken; 800 - Rosalyn Huard, Sr.; Alyssa Martin, Fr.; 1500 - Audrey Botti, So.; Julia Quiring, Sr.; 3000 - Quiring; Tiffany White, Fr.; 100 HH - Mallory Ramsey, Sr.; Iris Craig, Fr.; 300 IH - Craig, Eden Pearsons, Sr.; High Jump - Laura Stanulis, So.; Craig; Erin O'Brien, Jr.; Triple Jump - Stanulis; O'Brien; Long Jump - Stanulis; O'Brien; Pole Vault - Ramsey; Brooke Baty, Fr.; Mindy Lee, Jr.; Shot Put - Samantha Potter, Fr.; Kelsey Marshman, Sr.; Discus - Potter; Marshman; Javelin - Jenna Quiring, Jr.; Breanna Steele, Jr.


ROCK CREEK - Numbers are up at Westview this year, and not coincidentally, so are expectations.

'I think we should be very competitive,' said Westview coach Rob Casteel, whose team is 35 athletes larger than a year ago. 'I think we're just kind of in the middle of the pack for league with every team (in the Metro League) being a Beaverton school.'

The 2007 Wildcats are led by senior hurdler and pole vaulter Hannah Kinnier (she's the defending Metro high hurdles champ), senior middle distance runners Jessica Crannell and Bianca Martin, and sprinters Michelle Thomas (a senior) and Megan Snell (a junior).

Crannell and Martin 'should both do well. They're tough,' Casteel said, adding that Kinnier was also poised for a strong senior season.

'We should be competitive against almost everybody,' Casteel said. 'We're just so much deeper this year. We have depth.'


100 - Megan Snell, Jr.; Michelle Thomas, Sr.; 200 - Snell; Thomas; Brittany Thurston, So.; 400 - Maureen Fitzgerald, So.; Kelley Pullin, So.; 800 - Jessica Crannell, Sr.; Bianca Martin, Sr.; Katherine Bryant, So.; 1500 - Julianna Evola, Fr.; Martin; Lauren Larsen, Jr.; 3000 - Mackenzie Magee, So., Kristen Francis, Jr.; 100 HH -Hannah Kinnier, Sr.; Anastasia Borok, Sr.; Megan Jacobson, Jr.; 300 IH -Borok; Hengxin Cui, So.; High Jump - Brittany Nefcy, Sr.; Triple Jump - Mariah McGaffey, So.; Anna Brice, Jr.; Long Jump - Ashley Williams, Fr.; Pole Vault - Kinnier; Fitzgerald; Shot Put - Kelli Finlay, Sr.; Natasha Kantor, Fr.; Discus - Katie Brown, Sr.; Finlay; Javelin - Pullin; Brandis Wilson-Long, Sr.

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