Westview High School's Awareness to Action group will host a walk-a-thon on Wednesday with money going to help dig a well for a village in Africa.

The AIDS awareness group is hoping to raise $5,000 from the event for the school's sister school in Kibwezi, Kenya.

'This spring our goal is to raise $20,000 (or more) so the town can build a well since their nearest water source is four miles away,' said Angela Kohama, who along with George Wang are co-presidents of Awareness to Action.

Kohama said plans are to get matching grants from various companies around Portland.

The walk-a-thon is part of the school's annual Wildcat Week.

Last year's Wildcat Week was dedicated to brain tumors, and almost the whole school joined in throughout the day to raise money for the Brain Tumor Society, said Kohama.

'We are aiming to make the event this year even bigger with informational booths about AIDS, a barbeque, T-shirts being sold, and a dunk tank (with various teachers being dunked, of course),' said Kohama.

Kohoma said the group already has raised some money through school fund-raisers, such as a pie-toss during lunch, where teachers volunteered to have a pie tossed at their faces.

Last year, Awareness to Action raised more than $600 to buy school supplies for the orphans at the Kenyan school.

In the fall, the group hosted an educational summit on AIDS, which proved a huge success.

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