Students will take a week to celebrate the school's diversity

Hoping to expand its observance at Sunset High School from a one-day multicultural assembly, members of the school's Multicultural Club and Leadership Class are hosting weeklong activities celebrating the school's diversity.

From Monday through Friday, the school will feature a variety of events beginning with the traditional kickoff assembly, according to Divya Patel and Emily Davis, both seniors and members of the school's Leadership Class who are helping organize the week

Davis said she sees lots of students in the hallways and she'd like to gain insight into their culture.

'There are a lot of cultures I don't know a lot about,' she said.

Patel said she thinks a multicultural week will be beneficial, pointing out that the better a person understands a culture, the more groups throughout the world will be better able to solve problems.

'I think uniting peoples and cultures is a way to better understand the reasons behind their actions and what they believe in,' said Patel.

Starting a tradition

Monday's assembly will feature music and dancing from around the world including Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, Scotland, Mexico, Cuba and India.

'We have eight to nine different acts,' said Patel, who is of Indian heritage.

During the assembly, students will be encouraged to say hello in several different languages with the loudest section receiving free T-shirts, said Davis.

On Tuesday, the school's Latinos Unidos Club will sponsor a salsa booth where students can sample tastes from south of the border.

That will be followed on Wednesday by a multicultural fashion show.

'We'll set up a runway in the cafeteria ... and we'll just have multicultural music playing in the background with an emcee,' said Patel.

Divya said Thursday's theme was born out of discussions at a local bubble teahouse.

'We have a very diverse group of friends,' said Patel. 'We found in common that some of us like some sort of tea.'

As a result, a tea tasting table featuring eight flavors of tea from around the world will be available Thursday.

The girls said they hope the free food and drinks will attract numerous students, who ideally will stick around to talk with one and other.

Friday's featured food is French - crepes, to be exact.

'We're trying to get strawberry and chocolate or banana and chocolate or we could mix them,' said Davis.

Patel said she's optimistic about the future of multicultural week.

'It's kind of nice because we're starting a tradition we hope will be carried on for many years,' said Patel.

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