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If you're a defense-minded head coach, do you really want your offense to be running the run-and-shoot? Yeah, it's nice to have an offense that can ring up points, but isn't it also good to have an offense that can control the ball, i.e., the clock, and keep your defense off the field?

A lot of defense-oriented head coaches, not to mention defensive coordinators, probably would just as soon win 10-3 than 49-48 … a bunch of 10-3s looks better on the résumé.

But Jerry Glanville, the new head coach at Portland State and a renowned defensive coach, says he's glad to take the field with Darrel 'Mouse' Davis, father of the modern run-and-shoot, as the Vikings' offensive coordinator.

'Stats don't matter. You're looking for wins,' Glanville says flatly as the Viks got ready to kick off spring practice Monday.

Glanville likes to get after it on defense just about as much as Davis likes to go for it on offense. His Viking defense will be on the attack, too.

'The bottom line,' Glanville says, 'is we're going to be wide open in all phases. Mouse knows we'll be wide open on defense. The other team is liable to hit us with a 70-yard bomb once in a while. And if they do, will we change? No.

'I tell the team, every place I coach, that we will win a game somewhere 10-3 and we'll win a game somewhere 49-48, and whatever we've got to do to win it, we've got to do.

'You hang on till your sidekicks come along with you.

'I don't care about one stat on defense, or anywhere. I don't want the greatest defense, if we're not winning. I want the hardest-hitting defense - and we're winning.'

Glanville says he's become a believer in the run-and-shoot.

'We could be the No. 1 defensive team in the nation if we ran the ball 51 times a game,' he says. 'But I learned a long time ago that running the football and using the clock does not mean points. You only get points if you throw the football.'

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PSU Football

Before he took the Portland State head coaching job, Jerry Glanville made one request of then-school President Daniel Bernstine that had nothing to do with money for the football program.

'I asked him to be there on game days and pat our players on the helmet, shake their hand and wish them well,' Glanville says.

Bernstine promised to greet the players, but last week -one day after he helped introduce new Athletic Director Torre Chisholm -Bernstine left the school to become president and chief executive officer of the Law School Admission Council in Newtown, Pa.

• ESPN plans to spend most of next week at Viking football practice, chronicling the 65-year-old Glanville's return to head coaching.

- Steve Brandon

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