Sandy golfer Becky Van Ausdell offers up a unique perspective of her sport in our new and semi-regular 'Pioneer Insider' guest column.

It is the beginning of the season so I'm not too worried about my scores.

The first couple of matches I did better then I thought I would have. But the latest matches haven't been my best.

Monday, April 2, we played at Broadmoor, which is a very nice golf course, but it's also very difficult.

I just couldn't hit the ball right.

Then Wednesday, April 4, we played at Rose City.

Last year when I played varsity, we never came here, so it was all new to me.

It was one of the longest courses I have ever played, and I wasn't used to it.

So I didn't do as well as I wanted to.

But then at Gresham Golf Course this past Wednesday, April 11, I did pretty well.

I shot a 111 for 18 holes.

I have played better before, but I have played a lot worse.

But the weather wasn't really on my side.

It was wet, cold and windy.

Overall I think I did pretty well for the beginning of the season.

I think, since the girls have to play 18 holes now, it is a little more difficult for us.

A lot of the new players have never played 18 holes before, and last year we played nine holes, so it is a really big change, and it's possible that the change has affected us.

Golf is a very difficult sport.

Most people think golf is just hitting a ball and going after it.

But most of them have never played before and they don't really know how difficult it is to get your ball to go straight and far, or how to make a five-foot putt.

Golf is a great sport, and at times it can be frustrating.

Still, though, I think it is the greatest sport ever played.

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