McCabe reaches contract resolution

FOOTBALL: Longtime Forest Grove head coach comes to an agreement with the school district

Nothing is in writing, but Mike McCabe's future as varsity football coach at Forest Grove High School is a little more certain after this week.

At the least, he'll have the opportunity to coach beyond the 2007 season.

The school administration told McCabe last week that it would extend his coaching contract beyond 2007, if he met a few conditions. McCabe would have to meet the performance benchmarks established for him prior to the season - including a win-loss record to be determined by McCabe and Athletic Director Doug Thompson - and he would have to continue teaching at the high school.

'If everybody feels progress has been made, and we're happy about it, we wouldn't open up a coaching position,' District Superintendent Jack Musser said in an interview Tuesday.

McCabe's future came into question earlier this month when he confirmed that the school administration had told him he wouldn't be coaching after next season. But that, apparently, was a misunderstanding.

The new agreement is a compromise. McCabe has considered retiring from teaching after the 2007-2008 school year, but he had wanted the option to continue coaching for one or two years after that.

The administration, however, has an interest in keeping McCabe in a teaching position for as long as he coaches. When the time comes to replace the coaching position, Musser has said, it would be a powerful recruiting tool to also have an open teaching position to offer a new coach.

McCabe was relieved to reach an 'understanding' with the administration.

'I was glad to get some closure to it,' he said. 'Because I want to move forward and get on with things now, and get ready to coach.'