What must it be like to wake up with the mind of a liberal? With that Chicken Little attitude that the sky is falling, and the world is coming to an end unless we drastically change our way of life? And let us not forget that it is all President Bush's fault.

About the war in Iraq, I get tired of people saying we have been there longer than World War II. The reason for that is the same as it was in Viet Nam. It was run by politicians, as is the present war. There were a lot of things going on in other wars that the general public did not know, or care to know. But we did not have the live news coverage then that we have now. Also, most all Americans were behind the winning of WW II and coming home. Unlike today, when news is all over the world about how most Americans are against the war and want to pull the troops out and come home, and lose the war don't believe that most Americans want to lose, because they know if we don't do something about terrorism now, we will deal with it later, most likely in our back yard. Does any one remember 911? Can anyone tell me what we did as Americans to justify the murder of so many innocent American lives?

But enough about the war; Bush has so many other things to be blamed for, like global warming, (what a joke)Too bad you liberals can't blame Bush for the global cooling that was all the rage some 25 years ago. You can't convince me that the public school system is not trying to indoctrinate our children into their liberal views by showing Al Gore's movie on global warming in our schools, and telling them it's documented science. When they don't show them the other side of the issue, and tell them about all the scientists who say global warming is highly overrated and not caused by mankind.

And of course we can't forget the liberal idea that Bush can cause hurricanes like Katrina that destroyed so much of Louisiana. Also some say Bush was to blame for the levees breaking and causing all the flooding, even to the extent that he had them blown up because he doesn't like black people.

I am surprised that someone hasn't demanded to know the whereabouts of President Bush when the slides happened in Portland a couple weeks ago, because if he can cause hurricanes and global warming, it would be nothing for him to cause a little land slide, probably no doubt to get back at all the protesters of the war in Portland a while back.

The only time I will wake up and wonder what this country is coming to is if Hillary Clinton gets elected president, now that would be a national disaster. But until such an unspeakable event happens I will feel very fortunate and blessed to be living in the greatest country on earth.

Barry Vandehey lives in Banks

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