Gary Clay Davis will not serve jail time for falsifying inspection records

Former Forest Grove fire lieutenant Gary Clay Davis pleaded guilty to official misconduct this morning, as part of a plea bargain agreement with the Washington County District Attorney's office.

Davis, 49, voluntarily resigned his position in November after an investigation by Forest Grove Police found that he had falsified seven fire inspection reports.

After pleading guilty to Official Misconduct in the second degree, Davis said in Washington County Circuit Court that he regretted his actions but external pressures were present at the time, though that 'didn't excuse' what he did.

Presiding Judge Thomas Kohl sentenced Davis to 80 hours of community service that must be completed within 60 days and a one-year bench probation (meaning he will not have a probation officer). Judge Kohl also indicated that once Davis completes the community service requirement he would end the probation.

Davis' attorney, Mike Staropoli, said that what Davis pleaded guilty to was a class C misdemeanor, the lowest category of criminal offenses in Oregon and that the conviction wouldn't automatically preclude Davis from working as a firefighter in Oregon.

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