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Part of our job in this column is to take the questions circulating throughout the community, and this week, that's what we're doing. From picturesque Jonsrud Viewpoint you can see an open patch of green meadow. That meadow belongs to local resident Glen Carmony, who has filed a Measure 37 claim to subdivide that land. So, is it true? Will development be visible from the celebrated viewpoint? We asked Carmony.

His answer? 'I don't want to build anything.' Instead of subdividing his lots for some prime real estate, he's just trying to give his heirs equal share of his 135 acres off Fish Hatchery Road.

'Basically, I just want back what I had so I can give it to my grandkids,' said Carmony, noting that current zoning regulations forbid him from dividing his land into pieces smaller than 80 acres. 'I'm the only one down here who even owns 80 acres. I can't give it all away to just one person.'

His claim allows him to split his land into 10-acre plots.

As far as what his heirs will do with their pieces of the 'most photographed pasture in Oregon,' Carmony says that's up to them. If anything ever threatens the view, he wouldn't expect it for 'maybe 40 years.'

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