Corbett earth quakes actually caused by blasting in the gorge

by: from The Outlook Archives In 1911, Gresham Millinery Emporium offered fashionable goods at reduced prices until July Fourth, including a full line of ladies’ corsets.

1911 - Gresham and Rockwood were such separate communities 100 years ago, that the citizens of Rockwood felt obliged to throw a going away party for Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, when they moved all the way to Gresham.

In international news, the Chinese government demanded a payment of 12 million pesos from the Mexican government for the killing of Chinese subjects and destruction of their property during the Mexican revolution. China claimed that 303 of their citizens were killed and 61 properties sacked.

1921 - Pioneer Daniel Dunbar died 90 years ago. He had come west with his parents as a young boy, arriving at the mouth of the Sandy River by boat in November 1850.

His father took a donation land claim, which included part of what was later the Multnomah County Farm. He was 77 when he died of a stroke while doing his janitorial work at the Fairview School. He was the last surviving founder of the Fairview Methodist Episcopal Church, which later merged with Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church.

1931 - Multnomah County Sheriff's Officer Pete Rexford explained some of Oregon's new driving rules to members of the Gresham fire department 80 years ago. For one thing, it was illegal for human beings or dogs to ride on running boards. The speed limit, he said, was 45 mph, 20 mph at intersections. Hitchhiking was illegal, but picking up a hitchhiker was not.

1941 - Corbett residents were jolted with what they believed to be a series of earthquakes 70 years ago. It was, however, blasting of the Columbia Gorge cliffs near Corbett station, where contractors were beginning work on a water-level highway through the gorge.

1951 - The Troutdale Rod and Gun Club picked Princess Doneva Shepard as its candidate for queen of the Gresham rodeo 60 years ago. Others princesses were Peggy Lewis of Gresham, Helen, Dorothy Mahnke and Elaine Lear. Shepard won the crown.

1961 - A new tower was rising at the Troutdale airport 50 years ago. It would be done some time in July. Murray-Newell Pontiac in Gresham was showing off the new Pontiac Tempest hardtop. And the Village Square at Southeast Stark and 162nd Avenue was having its grand opening.

1971 - A Corbett Fun Festival was announced in The Outlook 40 years ago. It might have been the first such event. Organizers were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Quinn and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marmolejo under the auspices of the East Multnomah County Community Association.

1981 - Thirty years ago only 65 patients remained at the county nursing home known as Edgefield Manor. Six years after the county attempted to abruptly close the facility at Troutdale, the policy was to wait for attrition to reduce the population. Verne Jones, administrator, promised to stay to the end. 'I won't give up the ship,' he said.

1991 - Multnomah Falls Lodge was set for some face-lifting 20 years ago. The project would move the interpretive center to the front of the building and push the snack bar to the back corner. Thankfully, it also doubled the number of men's restrooms, and tripled the women's restroom facility.

2001 - The new Sandy River swift water rescue team had been on duty only a few weeks 10 years ago when they saved the life of a woman who ran out of steam while swimming across the river.

2010 - Strawberries were finally coming at this time last year. The last two seasons of late and cool springs have delayed the crop that usually shows up about the first of June.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.