Art fit for a lawman

by: photo by Patrick Sherman, The 'art wall' murals will serve as a backdrop for press conferences and other media appearances

When the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office needed a pair of backdrops for its new television studio at the Public Safety Training Center, it turned to the students of art teacher Lynn Pass at West Linn High School.

'The students came up with 50 or so different designs,' said Detective Jim Strovink, public information officer for CCSO. 'We selected these two, which we thought were really supurb.'

Aurelia Rohrbacker's design, above, incorporated photographs provided by the sheriff's office superimposed with the American flag.

'I was thinking about what a sheriff's office might want, and police officers are usually patriotic, so I thought they would appreciate the flag,' she said.

Shannon McDonald provided the other design: a scenic vista incorporating Mt. Hood, a river and tall fir trees, with a sheriff's office badge prominently displayed.

'For me, I was trying to think of different things that represent Clackamas County,' said McDonald. 'It was important to get the badge in there, too.'

The backdrops will be used during broadcasts from the sheriff's office, such as Amber Alerts and other public safety messages.

- Patrick Sherman