What's the big deal with global warming?

As a freshman at Beaverton High School, I am expected to care about the environment. I am not saying that I don't, but this hype about global warming is too much.

For extra credit in my classes, I sat through a three-hour presentation from a guy about global warming. Don't get me wrong, the presentation was interesting, but I am still not convinced.

He mentioned some statistics and talked about Al Gore's movie. But I couldn't help but think that maybe the Earth was going to experience high temperatures and extreme weather conditions anyway.

When everyone found out about the ice caps melting and the future extinction of polar bears, they freaked. Big deal. Not many knew about ice caps before this anyway. Why would they care now?

Because, people are forced to believe that if they don't care, they are rotten, selfish people who should not be part of society.

When I found out about recycling and hybrid cars I went straight to my parents and asked them to change our lifestyles, only to find out that the issue of global warming has been around for a while.

People need to stop acting like it's the end of the world and schools should stop making it seem like if you don't recycle and use hybrid cars you are bad people.



Don't get too riled over Imus' statement

Don Imus' comment on the Rutgers women's basketball team was something he most likely didn't need to say to describe the team, but he's a shock jock, that's what he does. People shouldn't be taking his or any shock jock's words to heart and it's not like people don't hear degrading things said to them throughout their lifetime.

No one should be getting riled up over something some man is saying, but don't get me wrong, what Imus did say was something he shouldn't have.


Freshman, Beaverton High School

Pay more attention to global warming

People need to start paying more attention to global warming. It's something many people have heard of but very few know exactly what's happening because of it.

Already glaciers and ice fields all around the world are shrinking at an alarmingly fast rate. In some places the ice and snow that used to be there is completely gone.

Stories in the news are few and far between. Yes, I'll admit that they are more and more common, but so far I have yet to see one that actually explains what's going on behind it.

During the warmer seasons polar bears face the constant struggle to feed for the upcoming cold winter months. They rely on the frozen snow to walk across so they can hunt. Many of their hunting grounds are gone, making it harder and harder to find food.

If we don't start using fossil fuels and reusable sources wisely, many animals that need the cold climates to survive will only exist in books and zoos.



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