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Chris Metz, the Portland Beavers' PR guy, confides that P-town's Triple-A baseball team is down to the wire in its quest for the real Bob L. Head. … After a nationwide search, the list has been narrowed down to entrants from Evansville, Ind.; Vallejo, Calif.; and Maquoketa, Iowa - all, of course, named Bob, Robert or Roberto L. Head. … Metz says the winner will get a bobblehead doll in his likeness plus an all-expenses-paid vacation in the Rose City. No wonder everyone's clamoring to get in. … Angela Oswalt, the police clerk who released all those torrid e-mails from her affair with former Chief Derrick Foxworth, may have chosen not to pursue her lawsuit, but we probably haven't heard the last of the matter. … Angela's girlfriends now are reportedly urging her to write a tell-all book. 'After all,' Oswalt says, 'there are two sides to every story.'… Does this mean we'll get to read her e-mails this time, and not just Derrick's? 'I wouldn't be a bit surprised,' Oswalt says.

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Former Portland Buckaroo Mike Donaldson burst into the Kingston Bar and Grill one afternoon last week with a big smile on his face and an American flag stuck in his breast pocket. … Seems the former tough guy, who arrived here from Canada in 1962 to play for the local hockey team, had just come from being sworn in as an American citizen. 'Well, better late than never,' said Kingston owner Gary Jondahl, before buying them both a few American beers to celebrate the occasion. … You won't see their names here, but last week four of the mayor's biggest supporters were having lunch at a downtown restaurant - and the subject of conversation was how in the world a politician with an approval rating of 65 percent to 70 percent in the polls could be making such a botch of things. … Potter's top issue, charter reform, is going down the tubes in next month's election. And his so-called VisionPDX, which already has cost $1 million, is proving to be an even bigger waste of time. Ouch.

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Condos for the rich? Not so fast, says South Waterfront developer Homer Williams. … The way he has it penciled in, he says, is that a lot of single moms with children will be able to afford to buy places there because they won't have to have cars. … Make sense to you? Me neither. … For starters, how are they supposed to go shopping or get their kids to school? … So will someone please tell me why certain members of the City Council, most notably Randy Leonard, keep repeating it as if it did? … Readers want to know how I could possibly have failed to include actress Sally Struthers on a list of Portland notables who deserve their own commemorative plaques here in P-town. As usual, they've got a point. … The Grant High alum, who co-starred in the '70s hit 'All in the Family,' can still be seen on network TV in the 'Gilmore Girls.' Plus, there are those memorable nude, or nearly so, scenes from 'Five Easy Pieces' and 'The Getaway.' … Whoever ends up designing the plaques obviously has some delicate decisions to make, and we wish them all the best.

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