Blazer: Heart condition may not have been what sent him to the hospital

LaMarcus Aldridge says the symptoms that led to him being diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome may have had nothing to do with the condition.

Doctors told the Trail Blazer center-forward the dizziness he experienced during a March 31 game 'might have not even been from (WPW),' Aldridge says. 'It might have been from low potassium or magnesium. It could have been from something else.'

After tests revealed the rookie from Texas suffered from WPW - a congenital heart condition that results in rapid heartbeat - Aldridge underwent a procedure to correct the abnormality at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center on April 2.

Aldridge says he has no history of WPW in his family and had no previous episodes with dizziness, rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath.

'Nothing,' he says. 'This was the first time.'

The corrective measure at St. Vincent was a day procedure that allowed Aldridge to return to his Lake Oswego home that evening. Within a few days, Aldridge says he felt back to normal.

'I feel good,' he says. 'I don't feel any problems. Everybody said good things about how the procedure went, and I don't expect to have any problems (in the future).

'It was a little scary, but my family and coaching staff and teammates did a good job keeping me calm. I made it through it, and I'm just waiting to get back on the court.'

Aldridge says doctors will put him through a series of tests before clearing him for physical activity. He says he expects that to happen sometime in the next week.

'I'll wait my time period,' the second pick in the 2006 draft says. 'But I expect to be back playing (basketball) in no later than a month, and I'll be in summer league (in July).'

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