Flashing yellow lights popular with motorist

I am sure that my neighbors would agree with me when I say that I am very happy with the new flashing yellow, left turn signals just installed along West Powell Boulevard. I use this route at least twice daily, going to and from work, shopping and running errands, etc. I can't tell you how many times I have waited (and waited) to make a left hand turn at the intersection of Powell and Southwest Birdsdale Avenue without a car coming in either direction (wasting gas and time). Now, with these great new flashing yellow arrows, I can make my left turn when the traffic is clear. Thank you!



Gresham dogs, owners need access to dog park

I'm a citizen of Gresham, and I'm very concerned that we don't have a place for dogs to play safely without running away. We need to build a dog park with a big fence around it.

Some people don't have a big back yard for their dog to run around in. Also some dogs need more exercise than they get. Finally people would like to make more friends for themselves and their dogs.

Some people say it will cost too much money or that no one picks up after the dogs. What if people think they can leave their dogs there all the time? There could be lots of reason why we should not have a dog park - but there are ways around that.

We can buy fencing and fence off part of the existing parks. People will have to pick up after their own dogs at all times. No dogs will be allowed without an owner. If the rules are simple and posted by the entrance, then it will be safe to bring a dog there. People will want to bring their dogs even if they have to keep it clean and safe for themselves.

Please say yes to a dog park. Just tell your neighbors and friends to solve their lack of space to run their dog by letting our new mayor know how we feel. Gresham dogs deserve a place to play safely.



Sidewalk repair crucial at Gresham's parks

I am a citizen of Gresham concerned about the poor effort in caring for the local parks of Gresham. I live near Butler Creek Park. Everyday I go there and notice very few people are there but out of the few, I always see someone fall. From bikers or skate boarders, I always see someone fall. This is becoming a serious problem. I suggest we take action and get these sidewalks fixed.

Three reasons why we should correct this problem: First, why should innocent people have to deal with something that doesn't even apply to them? Our citizens need to be able to send their children to the park without worrying about their child's safety.

Second, how many people do you know who want to go to the park and get hurt instead of having a good time? Who wants to spend their day in a hospital?

Last, just think about how much money this city could lose from people suing because they or a family member got hurt at a local park. For example if sidewalks aren't repaired the city could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal injury lawsuits. However, if you fix this problem, the city would only spend about $1,000 to $2,000 in repairs. Now that's a big difference.

In fact I have an idea for you. On opening day, invite all Gresham-Barlow kindergarten through eighth-grade schools to come and have a field day and then put it on the news so more people come. Thank you for reading this letter. I hope you consider my ideas.



Blue Lake needs help to be safe for swimming

I have received several phone calls from Blue Lake homeowners about the letter by Susan Myers in the Wednesday, April 18, edition of The Outlook, and it is embarrassing to tell them she is right. How can you deny the facts when you are on the DEQ's 303(d) list? Metro is very slow in curing this problem because the DEQ is overworked and backlogged. As long as the DEQ doesn't put pressure on Metro, then Metro doesn't worry. Who suffers? We all do.

The last two springs and summers we tried to work with Metro to fix this problem, but they continued to drag their feet. We even had a possible/partial solution that worked in 180 lakes across the United States, but Portland State University's Mark Sytsma, associate professor of Environmental Sciences and director of the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, claimed (without even properly researching the facts) that it is 'junk science' and that it doesn't work!

That's funny, he is the one who told us that we should demand a free test from the SolarBee Co. in the first place. Well, now that we are getting it, he is telling our neighbors that they don't work. Our neighbors (four out of 75) called Rod Park of Metro and whined to him. Now Rod says we are not big enough to be concerned about (I think he forgot his own facts about 300,000 park users per year), and that we are all not together on the issue. I thought 71 out 75 was a majority?

Rod Park and Mark Sytsma are very powerful men who might not be using their powers for the good of us all. I think we should keep our eyes on these two gentlemen. Susan, I am 100 percent committed to fixing this lake, and I hope you have patience for just a little longer. I understand your concerns and if Rod Park and Mark Sytsma become a little more cooperative to our wishes then we will have a beautiful lake this summer. Some will even be eating crow.


Blue Lake commissioner

for Interlachen Inc.


Put God back in power to avert tragedy

Another horrible tragedy has happened in our country. What is so ironic to me is that it seemed right to the powers that be to remove prayer, Bible and the Ten Commandments from our schools, as it could be harmful to the psyche of our students, and now these very tragedies are happening on our school grounds.

What would be so wrong for the students to see on the walls of their school, 'Thou shalt not kill' and the other 'Thou shalt nots'? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that because of our moral decay with the young people, we are destroying our country.

I would pray that our leaders would come to their senses and reestablish Christian principles.

This is not a matter of separation of church and state, which was never intended by our forefathers, but who in the world would object to 'Thou shalt not kill' if it meant saving lives of our children?

Another thing that is contradictory is that when these things happen, the first thing we do is pray and ask God for help. Why call on God then if He isn't welcome any other time?

Let's get God back in control in America and save us from more tragedies.



Community center would provide affordable outlet

I believe citizens of Gresham deserve affordable activities for all ages. The solution would be a community center. A community center will provide volunteer opportunities. Gresham does not have a lot of swimming pool or places families can go together to have fun.

The attractions in the community center will bring many families together. Dance classes could be offered, such as tap, hip-hop, tango, ballroom dancing, etc. In addition, the community center could provide classes for learning instruments such as the piano, violin, flute, guitar and others.

By building two gyms and a volleyball court, the community center can offer citizens multiple sports to stay fit and healthy. Plus a childcare center could provide supervision for children while their parents are taking classes or doing sports.

A community center will also bring money into Gresham because many jobs will be available to volunteers. The community center could generate income through the many programs offered.

The drawbacks are few but the benefits are many. Although a community center will take up some land, bring more traffic into Gresham, plus cost a lot of money, these problems are small compared to the benefits of spending time with family or kids getting education.

A community center won't cost much money if the city of Gresham uses bonds to pay for the building. Revenue from classes would pay back the bond. Citizens of Gresham can also help pay off the loan by giving donations.

Gresham citizens deserve affordable activities. A community center will make Gresham a better community. Please support the building of a community center.



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