Lake Oswego School Board members listened to an overview of the district's emergency guide at their most recent meeting Monday.

Uplands Elementary School Principal Karen Lachman and Tana Stewart, director of facility operations, presented a first draft of the guide and allowed the board to ask questions and address any concerns.

The guide was reviewed last August and the district plans to have the draft finalized this spring so that copies can be distributed to teachers and administrators before the upcoming school year.

'This is an orientation document and it will still get some more work,' Lake Oswego School Superintendent Bill Korach said.

In the guide, detailed procedures are explained, covering every conceivable emergency situation a school might encounter.

These scenarios range from something as simple as a power outage to what to do in case of volcanic activity.

In the wake of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech University, the board had questions regarding the district's procedures during a potential shooting and lockdown scenario.

The district has worked closely with the Lake Oswego Police Department in recent months, sharing information so that both sides are as well informed as possible before an emergency even occurs.

'We want to have as good of information that we can get and to know what the police are going to do in a given situation,' Korach said.

The emergency guide also featured a list of resource phone numbers and a list of minimum standards that every school classroom and health room must have.

Each classroom is required to have a bottle of water and energy bar for every student and a bloodborne pathogens kit. Each health room is required to have mylar emergency blankets, dust masks, a crank-up flashlight/radio combination and a set of handheld communication radios.

It was also noted that the recent renovations at both high schools have dramatically increased sight lines around for administrators around the campuses.

'Administrators now have more visibility into our parking lots and around the schools,' Korach said.

In a separate matter, the process for pilot novel requests was postponed until the next meeting on May 7.

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