Southeast Source: A guide to Southeast neighborhoods

by: JIM CLARK, Southeast Belmont Streeet keeps the people coming, whether it's for hand-roasted coffee, a Ravi Shankar pizza or an earful of jazz.

If you're like most Portlanders, you want to know where to get a cup of coffee, peruse farm-fresh produce, check out some live music or go for a walk with the kids.

And like most Portlanders, you probably know the special places in your own neighborhood a little better than those elsewhere.

This year, we wanted to guide our readers through the neighborhoods one quadrant at a time, celebrating the personalities of each part of the city. In Southeast Source, our first of the four sections, we highlight Southeast Portland.

As the city continues to grow, the close-in Southeast neighborhoods have become more dense, with the vibrant action spreading east and south. Young artists mingle with families on the longstanding strips like Hawthorne Street. Meanwhile, Montavilla and Lents attract first-time home-buyers and chunks of Chinatown are transplanting to 82nd Avenue.

We explore all these areas, including a few obvious stand-outs, areas off the beaten track, and some neighborhood news and facts. (Did you know that the Brooklyn neighborhood had a town square at the intersection of Southeast Milwaukie Avenue and Powell Boulevard?)

In addition to the fun stuff, we also provide need-to-know information from Portland Public Schools' immersion language programs to neighborhood community centers, from where to find a bike map to where to call in noise complaint. It's all a part of living in the city, of living in a neighborhood.

- Toby Van Fleet

Southeast Source

Look for our section on Northwest Portland in May.