Doctor opens urgency care clinic in King City

by: By Bob Schoenberg, Dr. Luke Tran

KING CITY -An urgent care center is coming to King City, and Dr. Luke Tran who is busy overseeing construction of the office suites in the Bull Mountain Medical Center on Pacific Highway, is excited about his prospects here.

It is sort of like a starter practice for the doctor who has worked in New Orleans and in a New York City Emergency Room.

'It's between a practice and an ER,' he said. 'We'll treat lacerations, ankle sprains, basic things you would see in a family practice, not the major trauma.'

Dr. Tran formerly worked with Pacific Medical Group but wanted to strike out on his own. To start a practice you've got to have patients and money coming in to pay for the office. Today that means opening up an urgent care clinic and be ready to treat patients on the spot.

'We see whoever walks in and take care of them that day, no continuity care, nothing overnight.'

The clinic won't be taking in children under two either, as they require more sophisticated diagnostic equipment. It will be just the doctor, a medical assistant and a receptionist.

'It will be pretty simple, simple to run,' he said.

The clinic will be open from Noon to midnight. He says many urgent care clinics are opening up around the region to feed a niche in health care and it also serves as a way to gather in patients to start a regular practice.

The future he envisions is he will eventually hire doctors to come work for him as he grows and expands.

Dr. Tran's parent came from Viet Nam to California and put everything into his education.

'They are really, really happy that I became a doctor,' he said and smiles.

The 34 year old doctor lives in Beaverton and is engaged to be married.

The plans are the clinic, if all goes right with the construction, will be open by June.