Bill would help public safety with more troopers

As I read The Outlook, I have noticed that public safety is on the forefront of Gresham. This is why I am proud to announce that House Bill 3535 will be coming to the House Floor on Wednesday, April 25. In short, HB 3535 will provide 24/7 coverage by the state police (Oregon State Police) without raising taxes. The bill would dedicate 1 percent of the general fund toward OSP patrol.

In 1979, we had 641 troopers and now there are 287. This makes highways dangerous and drug dealers' travel unchecked. It is time to fund more troopers.

Rep. John Lim


Community center would provide affordable outlet

I believe citizens of Gresham deserve affordable activities for all ages. The solution would be a community center. A community center will provide volunteer opportunities. Gresham does not have a lot of swimming pool or places families can go together to have fun.

The attractions in the community center will bring many families together. Dance classes could be offered, such as tap, hip-hop, tango, ballroom dancing, etc. In addition, the community center could provide classes for learning instruments such as the piano, violin, flute, guitar and others.

By building two gyms and a volleyball court, the community center can offer citizens multiple sports to stay fit and healthy. Plus a childcare center could provide supervision for children while their parents are taking classes or doing sports.

A community center will also bring money into Gresham because many jobs will be available to volunteers. The community center could generate income through the many programs offered.

The drawbacks are few but the benefits are many. Although a community center will take up some land, bring more traffic into Gresham, plus cost a lot of money, these problems are small compared to the benefits of spending time with family or kids getting education.

A community center won't cost much money if the city of Gresham uses bonds to pay for the building. Revenue from classes would pay back the bond. Citizens of Gresham can also help pay off the loan by giving donations.

Gresham citizens deserve affordable activities. A community center will make Gresham a better community. Please support the building of a community center.



Government should reconsider religion

After reflecting on the events of last week including the Virginia Tech shooting, I sat down to work on my English paper regarding religion and I thought, could this shooting be related to my topic? Could it be because that man was never taught about the grace and forgiveness of God that he didn't know how to deal with his feelings. Could he have dealt with them in a way that didn't involve killing more than 30 people. I feel that children need to be exposed to religion in some form, and if they don't get it from their parents then where else will they get it? I think that the government has a requirement to at least talk about religion if they intend to be neutral on the subject. Especially after something like this happens, the government should reconsider the way it is doing things.

Samantha Wallace


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