by: Submitted photo VILLAGE GROOVES — Left to right: Zackary Riel, Riley Wilkinson, Landon Wilkinson, Sean Wilkinson.

With their instruments tuned to making more than just music, the Village Musicians are slated to hit the stage this Thursday at 13 Nights on the River.

The Christian soft rock band--composed of brothers Landon Wilkinson 17, Riley Wilkinson 19, Sean Wilkinson, 14 and their friend Zack Riel, 18--not only want to make music but also want to change the world.

'We want to end sex trafficking around the world,' Landon said. 'We want to help and music gives us a platform to speak to people. Music just speaks to people on a deeper level than just talking to them.'

The group thinks that the best way they can help with issues is by performing. The Village Musicians recently toured in Peru as a part of a missionary effort. Landon said being in front of an audience helps the group speak out about societal problems.

'Every show can be pretty exciting,' Landon said. 'It's always different.'

Initially, the group was formed in 2008 when Landon enlisted the musical aid of his youngest brother Sean. Over the past few years the band has evolved into what it is today: a group that sings about the issues that matter to them, including relationships, romance, friends and even the military.

'We do sing about love but a lot of our stuff is dedicated to the military and about supporting our troops,' Riley said.

Riel said working with three, close brothers hasn't always been the easiest task.

'It's definitely been a trip,' Riel said. 'It's been a bit taxing sometimes but we've been able to work past it and continue to make music.'

Sean, who has been in the band since he was 11, said being a member has forced him to give up other afterschool activities such as sports.

'I like being on this end, there's definitely sometimes when there's a lot to do,' Sean said. 'But it's definitely worth it.'

Although the brothers' parents never performed in a professional manner, the boys said they had been active in church and music had been a part of their lives growing up.

They even have a little sister, who Landon said has strong stage presence. Although the nine-year-old Anna may be a bit young to join the band, it's not impossible in the future.

'She's got more talent than any one I know,' Landon said.

13 Nights on the River

When: Thursday, June 23

Where: Olde Towne, St. Helens - Columbia View Amphitheater

Time: Concert starts at 6 p.m.

Up next: Backstage Pass, Thursday June 30

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