I am a little confused, as are many of my peers, on what is happening to that Safeco building.

Here is a little story of what kids in Lake Oswego do for fun. We get out of school and take our buses down to Taco Bell (we're fitting about 30 kids in one closed area) as we loiter there for about an hour (LO has made it clear no loitering, but we do it anyway because we have nowhere else to hang) and eventually spread into different groups and hang amongst the area outside of Taco Bell. We usually hang there until someone tells us differently or our parents come pick us up. Then it's usual to go down to Bridgeport Theater and watch a movie. We never actually watch a movie; we just buy a ticket and talk through the whole thing, kind of an excuse to hang out. A lot of kids go to Clubsport; but because some of us are not members we don't have that access, so we just hang at home with one or two friends.

It's obvious that Lake Oswego is an elder-based suburb, because there is nothing kid-friendly and the only fun there is is considered breaking the law here. I mean seriously, a toy store that you need a parent with you to go in. You all have tried - for example the skate park, but the skate park you all have designed is not really meant for kids in my age group. It's more for kids that have never skated and want to learn, which isn't bad; it just lowers the fun for all of us, especially the fact we have to pay to skate it. I am pretty sure that LO has enough money.

Right now I am at an age where my parents want me to learn the value of a dollar. And I am; I now work three days a week from 3 to 6 p.m. I won't say my pay, but it is not enough to pay for a trip to the skate park, let alone a membership to Clubsport or movie ticket.

If LO is not fun during the school year, I wonder what will happen during summer, with three months off of school in the nice weather.

I'm not blaming anyone. I am just tired of reading these pointless letters from the senior citizens who think this community center is just a waste. If you don't want to pay the extra money, then I guess it's time to move. Well, I'm tired of wasting my time and money on the weekends that I either get yelled at for or not have any fun. Well, whoever is trying to help the community center, I say good job and keep at it. But those who don't want it, I guess you can have a good time yelling at me and my friends hanging on your street because we have nowhere else to go.

Nick Burton is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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