This letter is in regards to the recent uproar and controversy pertaining to the suit filed by the ACLU and the Lake Oswego High Political Action Seminar curfew planning team.

Being someone who is not a part of the PAS curfew planning team, but still within the student body that encompasses Lake Oswego High School, I feel that many of the letters and statements made by opposing citizens of this suit as well as the mayor alike include numerous gratuitous attacks put forth onto my fellow peers. I feel obligated to see an issue and take political action upon that issue, which entirely is what the PAS assignment was.

The task was never to sue anyone, it was to research a political issue that pertains to 'you,' then to take action upon that issue; the suit was never sanctioned by Lake Oswego High School or PAS for that matter as can be cited in the plaintiff side of the case. This is also by no means an attempt to allow minors to cause 'disturbance' until all hours of the night. This is a case where four students feel that their personal as well as their peer's civil rights are being suppressed by their government and they are making an attempt to challenge that. Why should we condemn that action and call for 'more constructive school projects.' Instead we should applaud our schools for instilling such important values into their students so they know their rights and are willing to challenge conflict just as our forefathers did when they were suppressed.

This issue (leads to) numerous questions, (including) 'Should it really be a crime for minors whom have broken no other laws to be on the street after hours?' This just installs a 'big mother' figure played by the city. It is a parent's right to raise their children, not a city's. This also infringes on every minor's First Amendment right to peaceably assemble as well as the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, as well as it (gives) men and women in badges unlimited discretion to arrest minors whom are not involved in illegal activity yet out on the street after curfew hours.

This ordinance suppresses the freedoms of minors, abridges the rights of parents to raise their children and gives police an unlimited amount of discretion to arrest anyone who is out on the street after hours and whom may not be involved in any criminal activity. Citizens of Lake Oswego should be proud that they have students who are responsible citizens and take action when they feel wronged not criticize and complain about it. These four teenagers are holding the city accountable for what they feel has been wronged unto them.

Ryan Reece, Lake Oswego, is a sophomore at Lake Oswego High School.

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