The more I see regarding (Portland Mayor) Sam Adams' and (Lake Oswego Mayor) Jack Hoffman's concerns about cleaner water, sustainable development and bike paths that are for the good of the community, I wonder why all of this came to be?

People are out of jobs. Businesses are closing. Homes are being foreclosed. Medical care is becoming unaffordable. Gas prices are soaring. Taxes and fees grow with every council meeting. There is no money to be spent on frivolities and fantasies, or for items that are intended mainly for the glory of a politician's ego or their legacy. I am becoming increasingly aware of how we are being duped as the government expands control over our lives.

In every public awareness document we are inundated with the feel-good phraseology regarding 'sustainable development,' or 'sustainable community.' We hear it regarding every project desired by the powers-that-be, the streetcar, the Foothills project, sensitive lands, etc. Does that really mean anything, or is it just a way for the progressives to cloud over their impractical, costly and wasteful priorities by trying to convince us it is all for the good of the environment?

There are certain facts that are being ignored. Cars are a convenience that people will not soon abandon. Someday alternate means of energy will be utilized (i.e. electric cars), but right now gas exploration, production and development is a viable path that needs to be followed. Businesses need to be a priority along with the jobs they create. Where are the ideas for jobs and entrepreneurship in Lake Oswego? It seems the Economic Development Department does little more than further the Foothills project. Are there any studies done on those businesses departing Lake Oswego to determine why we are losing them?

Why is the city hiring so many consultants when the employees should have these skills? Maybe the city needs to make a choice between consultants or staffers, eliminating duplication of costs. Why are we putting more money into the Foothills? This is private property and the main beneficiaries will be the property owners and developers. There will be vast expenditures by the city and a long time before the city sees any return. When is our mayor going to take 'no' for an answer instead of barging ahead with his plans spending our tax dollars for his dreams?

When a mayor and his cronies have a different agenda and don't listen, it is time to get some people in who do care about the citizens of Lake Oswego. The city needs to have a citizen, not a council, vote on any large project. The WEB needs to be sold as soon as possible. Right now it is just a money 'sinkhole.' Why is the mayor against any ideas to do something good with it? Why weren't zoning changes considered during this period in order to make the property more attractive? I proposed to the mayor that something like a McMenamins complex with diverse shopping be explored, but he said the zoning could not be done. Why not?

If certain city leaders are so unhappy with the way the city is now, how about they move to the urban areas they admire so much? That would mean four people moving versus a few thousand of us who don't want their changes. Makes more sense.

Gale Gipson is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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