Keep supporting the Lakewood Center


Today I would like to draw attention to a huge contributor to our city, the Lakewood Center for the Arts. I have just finished seventh grade and live in Lake Oswego.

Now most of us know how the center has a theatre and hosts an art festival, but that is only a fraction of what it does for the citizens of our community.

For instance, people of all ages can take classes in all kinds of dance, a variety of art types and fitness. If you are interested in writing, there are classes for you. Those wanting to improve in math or take up the piano or organ can also learn at the Lakewood. Little kids can attend preschool or take kindermusik. And there is even a consignment store that sells cool stuff at low prices to help fund the programs.

Workshops in drama are held throughout the year for adults and children alike. And did you know that the theatre company produces not one but two show series throughout the year - the Main Series and the Lost Treasures Collection of rarely performed musicals that allow professional quality performers to showcase their talents. I have been fortunate to experience the theatre as both an audience member and this past season as a performer in both 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' and 'The Secret Garden.' It was both fun and a great opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best people in Portland!

There is a lot of art at the Lakewood. Just recently they displayed a collection of artists' work to promote breast cancer awareness and if you are downtown this weekend, you can't help but notice the Festival of the Arts at George Rogers Park. It is really fun. There is a lot of art to see and you can learn how it is made. And you can even buy art, crafts and food to support the center and the artists.

The Lakewood Center for the Arts is such a big contributor to our community and I think it deserves to be recognized for it. So please attend the Festival of the Arts and buy tickets to their season's shows.

Everett Pearson is a resident of and eighth-grader-to-be in Lake Oswego.