Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:


6/14/11 1:32 p.m. A stationery store reported checks stolen and forged, including one check written in the amount of $4,000 that was used to purchase a vehicle advertised on Craigslist. The car seller discovered the money was stolen when she attempted to cash the check at Wells Fargo Bank in West Linn. The suspect will be referred to a grand jury for forgery, ID theft, attempted first-degree theft and filing a false police report. The suspect is described as a thin blonde woman, past age 40 with shoulder- length blonde hair with dark roots, wearing a pink V-neck tank top and light blue jeans.

6/15/11 2:24 p.m. Two money orders were stolen by a dishonest former employee from a business on Jefferson Parkway.

6/16/11 6:53 p.m. A man in saggy jeans walked into a chocolate shop and cleaned out the tip jar.

6/17/11 7:28 a.m. An iPhone was stolen during a house party held the night before on Brookhurst Drive.

6/17/11 10:08 a.m. Money orders were stolen from a care center.

6/19/11 6:58 p.m. A checkbook and stereo were stolen from a vehicle parked at apartments on Jefferson Parkway. In addition, the dashboard was torn apart.

6/19/11 8:35 p.m. A man thinks his wallet may have been stolen while he was visiting an elementary school.


6/14/11 9:45 a.m. A young boy was detained by three juveniles who threatened to puncture his bike's tires with a knife and took money and items from his bicycle storage kit.

6/14/11 11:15 a.m. After honking at a contractor to move his dump truck, a woman was yelled at by the man, who was joined in the endeavor by two more contractors.

6/14/11 11:48 a.m. A purse snatcher tried to grab a woman's purse as she stood at the corner of North Shore Road and South State Street. The multi-tasking thief also tried to grab another person's food.

6/14/11 11:16 p.m. A deceased cat found by a passing motorist on Canal Circle was returned to its bereaved owner.

6/15/11 8:01 a.m. Two European females arrived at a residence on Bullock Street and introduced themselves as experts on learning techniques, then started asking personal questions.

6/15/11 9:01 a.m. A mysterious driver turned up on Fernwood Drive. There is concern he will return and start stealing.

6/15/11 4:35 p.m. In a case of promiscuous shooting, three juveniles were warned about shooting off their pellet guns in the city limits.

6/15/11 5:20 p.m. A terminated employee pulled a Bartleby by refusing to leave the office. However, she ended up leaving on peaceful terms.

6/16/11 12:31 p.m. A child was bitten by a dog, possibly a German shepherd, while walking with a caregiver on a trail at George Rogers Park. The child was taken to Urgent Care and is on antibiotics.

6/16/11 4:11 p.m. After a resident on Wells Street hired a contractor to make repairs on his newly purchased refrigerator, the refrigerator is now missing. A search for the refrigerator is in progress.

6/16/11 11:02 p.m. Teenagers are constantly parking their vehicles in the wrong direction on Bernini Court.

6/17/11 8:09 a.m. Chemicals and other items were found all over the yard at a location on Greentree Avenue.

6/17/11 12:16 a.m. An apparent trail of blood leading up the stairs of a house on Edenberry Drive turned out to have been caused by a dog who had gotten into red paint.

6/17/11 8:48 a.m. Delinquents tried to pry a door open at Westridge Elementary School. It continued a recent pattern of juveniles messing with the northwest doors of the school, and extra patrols have been requested.

6/17/11 2:14 p.m. Five junior high-aged skateboarders were skating in the middle of Cornell between Larch and McVey streets.

6/17/11 6:37 p.m. A mysterious pot-bellied man was seen lurking around vehicles on First Street. The man was bald and had a fireman's mustache.

6/17/11 7:30 p.m. A woman is still waiting for the call to pick up her refrigerator after paying $300 for it.

6/17/11 8:58 p.m. A woman's brother is threatening to kill himself with either weapons or drugs.

6/17/11 9:46 p.m. A disturbed sister is refusing to leave her brother's house, but she finally made a loud departure. Later, she refused to answer her cell phone.

6/17/11 10:42 p.m. Two teenage girls - both 18 - were charged with possession.

6/18/11 12:35 a.m. A bad musician is playing his bass very, very loud in an apartment on Jefferson Parkway.

6/18/11 2:52 a.m. Two drunken people attempted to purchase liquor at a location on A Avenue, thus violating liquor laws.

6/18/11 7:30 p.m. A baby duckling fell down a storm drain near a carwash on North State Street, but it was rescued by an alert and kindly officer.

6/18/11 10:28 p.m. A man broke into a house, assaulted the resident, and took phones and jewelry.

6/19/11 12:02 a.m. An inebriated man refused to leave a business, but finally departed in a Dodge mini van.

6/19/11 11:16 a.m. A wary woman was followed home by a pitbull while she was walking home.

6/19/11 4:51 p.m. A K-9 unit assisted on a call from the Tigard cops.

6/20/11 9:34 a.m. A tree is slowly falling on Pebble Beach Court, and at least one resident finds it is becoming like the Sword of Damocles.

6/20/11 10:25 a.m. A drunken customer who refused to leave a pizza restaurant was eventually taken to a detox center.

6/20/11 4:05 p.m. Nothing but a hound dog was howling and standing in the road on Ninth Street.

6/20/11 5:18 p.m. After dropping off her dog at a home on Stafford Road, a woman was not allowed to take it back.

6/20/11 9:29 p.m. Investigators were unable to locate dog footprints on Laurel Street even though a woman called to complain she had heard canines capering around her house.

6/20/11 10:23 p.m. A resident on Delenka Lane had his garbage returned to him after he left it in the middle of the street. As a bonus he received a warning.

6/20/11 11:47 p.m. Some loud jerks were cited for disturbing the peace during a raucous party on Mount Jefferson Terrace.

6/21/11 1:46 a.m. A man wearing a pink negligee was flashing people at an upscale hotel.


6/14/11 10:27 a.m. Unauthorized charges of $494.42 have been made on a woman's credit card.

6/15/11 9:35 a.m. A police department in Maine is assisting an investigation on a bad check received six months ago.

6/15/11 2:29 p.m. Missing money from a woman's bank account is due to her credit card being misused.

6/15/11 8:18 p.m. Fraud is strongly suspected due to an unknown caller desiring permission for access to bank accounts. A followup call proved it was not from a bank.

6/16/11 11:56 a.m. Unauthorized charges were made on a credit card in Mexico.

6/17/11 1:46 p.m. An unknown person opened a cell phone account in the name of a man's wife.

6/18/11 4:45 p.m. A person who lives in an apartment on Lakeview Boulevard has been victimized by a credit card scammer.

6/19/11 11:46 a.m. A resident of South Shore Boulevard was victimized by an unauthorized bank account withdrawal.

6/20/11 3:51 p.m. Police were able to cancel a transaction in which an elderly woman sent money to a man claiming to be her grandson, who said he needed it to get himself out of hot water in Mexico.

6/20/11 4:14 p.m. An 11-year-old grandson swiped his grandpa's debit card and used it to make a $221 purchase.

6/20/11 8:37 p.m. A fake prescription was made at a pharmacy by a suspect who mentioned he was on his way to a pub in Lake Oswego.

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