I have just returned from the Blue Monkey Theater's production of Disney's 'High School Musical' (www.bluemonkey ).

Yes, my own daughter Kate is in it, along with 19 other talented kids from the Portland Metro area, or I wouldn't have been lucky enough to have seen it. Lucky for you it plays tonight at 7 p.m. and tomorrow at 2 p.m., and then the next three weekends.

I am unashamedly promoting this show, which has been a phenom in the teen and younger world for quite some time, and I can see why.

It has a wonderful theme, fun songs, great dancing, and high energy kids doing what they love and carrying you away with them. This run was cut short when Disney decided to bring their own version, High School Musical On Ice to Portland and not allowing this show to compete with theirs. Why not see it with a cast of local talented kids and leave Disney on Ice's version behind? Disney is also opening it in New York soon, but I think seeing it with real high school kids in an intimate 150-seat venue is more fun.

Director John Monteverde, formerly of NW Children's Theater, has assembled a fine production team. The music directed by James Liptak is first rate. Portland's own Lance Geller plays the character Troy and sings his own songs, unlike the Zach Efrom in the Disney TV version. You can hear everything well unlike in a lot of high school productions. If you have seen the Disney TV version you won't be disappointed. The actors do a fine job of walking the line of being comparable to their Disney counterparts, and yet making the part their own. Choreography by Amy and Tony Palomino will have the moves the kids know from the TV version, and also lots of new twists.

I hope you go see the show, or even let the word out that it is good. At the show today, even 3 to 5 year olds stayed in their seats riveted to the show, and that takes some doing. You can buy tickets online using the Web site above.

Feel free to pass this e-mail on to your friends who you think would be interested.

Amy Marks is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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