Good memories will aid Lake Oswegans


It is clear that some of our illustrious city council members are counting on us having short memories.

Most recently, (Mayor) Jack Hoffman intervened on Clackamas County's impending vote on support of the streetcar, and asked that action be delayed. Most popular theory on this odd move is Hoffman is hoping the overwhelming opposition to the streetcar (and its bedfellow the Foothills project) will fade over time, and action can be taken in the proverbial 'dead of night.' Not a chance, Jack - we are on to the half billion dollar streetcar scam and will stay vigilant.

Hoffman also recently tried to curry favor with parents affected by proposed school closing by trying to appear to be a 'white knight' and offer all kinds of city support (read taxpayers' money) to LOSD. Most of the ideas floated were impractical (some may have been against statute), but that did not stop him from politicking to the extreme. I would have been more impressed if he had simply written a seven figure check to the LO Foundation - with his money (not ours).

The other council member clearly counting on poor memories come November 2012 is Bill Tierney. In addition to a couple of token objections to minor budget items (trying to look like a fiscal conservative), there was that weird 'head fake' a couple of weeks ago related to the Utility Franchise Fee increase. What people need to remember about Tierney is several years of slavishly voting in lockstep with every Hoffman scheme that the people of Lake Oswego were against. There is no forgetting (or forgiving) him voting for the notorious 'Sensitive Lands' that effectively stole people's private property. People need to remember him piously telling us that we should be thrilled that he and the council were granting us use of a token amount of our own property. Of course, do not forget that he also cast the deciding vote to proceed with the infamous streetcar. Bill, we will remember (come election time).

Not much notable about the other city council member up for re-election in 2012, Sally Moncrieff. That she was a guaranteed 'yes' vote for anything Hoffman was planning … is about all you need to remember when you cast your ballot.

There will, no doubt, be massive amount of 'smoke and mirrors,' distortions of the truth, and attempts to rewrite history over the next 17 months. Your best tool to reclaim Lake Oswego for the citizens is a good memory.

Dave Luck is a 19-year resident of Lake Oswego, taxpayer and a member of COLA-LO.

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