Electronics-disposal bill passes Senate


The Oregon Senate Tuesday passed House Bill 2626, legislation that will provide for the proper disposal of old computers, televisions and other electronic devices that could have detrimental environmental impacts if not handled correctly. Because of the legislation, fewer electronic items should end up in Oregon landfills.

'With more and more electronics becoming obsolete, we need to make sure we handle this waste in an environmentally responsible way,' said Sen. Richard Devlin, D-Tualatin. 'This bill will make sure we dispose of electronics properly and keep toxic materials out of our water supply.'

Oregonians throw away thousands of computers and pieces of electronic equipment every year, most of which ends up in landfills. House Bill 2626 would require computer and television manufacturers to contract for a recycling program or set up one of their own. Access to recycling programs would be free to consumers.

The bill will now move to the governor's desk for his signature.

HB 2626, a bill to properly dispose of and recycle electronic waste, passed the House May 16 with 58 yes votes. Reps. Scott Bruun, R-West Linn, and Jackie Dingfelder, D-Portland, were the two chief sponsors.