The Lake Oswego Review page 1 article in the June 14 edition 'Palisades Sees Battle Surface' was a fairly accurate recount of the June 6 association meeting.

While the meeting provided much drama and great political theatre, the tense confrontation could (and should have) been easily avoided had the PNA Executive committee allowed the election to proceed as scheduled. Unfortunately, the community has been needlessly polarized due to the inexcusable behavior of a small group of people, led by the PNA Chairman, Mr. Paul Ostroff.

I would not have believed the proceedings if I had not witnessed it first hand. Mr. Ostroff 's disregard of the association by-laws, combined with the bogus cancellation of the election exemplify: 1. a contempt for the notion of neighborhood representation the city intended in the neighborhood association program, and 2. Utter disrespect for the Palisades residents. Such intentional contempt for laws or proceedings cannot be tolerated in a legal, civic, academic, or business setting without serious consequences. Why, then, is Mr Ostroff and the executive committee allowed to continue in their positions?

The public service model has been inverted under the current leadership: The PNA board believes it is (its) association to rule anyway (it) pleases, regardless of by-laws, or neighbors' wishes.

The situation is truly outrageous to those of us guided by rules, fair play and accountability. For Mr. Ostroff to refer to the members of the Palisades community as 'highly disruptive' as he ignored our by-laws, displays his deep disdain for a neighborhood he does not deserve to serve. Indeed, given how offensive and dismissive Mr. Ostroff behaved toward the audience, he should be grateful for any civility that he was accorded. It's a shame that the work and the reputations of many well-intentioned neighbors have been tarnished by association with a small group of selfish individuals.

The good news is that the era of arrogance and misrepresentation in Palisades can soon end. A new slate of representatives from all 13 areas comprising the PNA, led by a new executive committee chaired by Sally Moncrieff are running for election on June 27 (or 28?) at the Lake Oswego Municipal Golf Course. Citizens residing in the Palisades neighborhood are encouraged to attend (or vote by proxy), to elect an association board that represents all areas and constituents, is receptive to new ideas and suggestions, and obeys the by-laws.

Doug Rich is a resident of the Palisades Neighborhood of Lake Oswego.

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