City hall situation still seems frustrating to local resident

To the Editor:

I stand corrected regarding the age of the Lake Oswego City Hall. When I stated the age of the building as '10 years,' I obviously was wrong. I thought that I was using a figure that I had read in an article in the Lake Oswego Review.

I apologize to Mr. Hennagin and the readers of the Review. I looked up the original article, about the city hall, in the May 31st issue of the LO Review. I found that a number of the objections that I raised in my letter, had been expressed by several of the council members, as quoted in that article.

I agree with Mr. Hennagin that if a building is expected to last for a useful life span, it must be built with first quality materials and using an adequate design. Having made a trip to Europe this May, and seeing buildings that range from 300 to 1,700 years old still being used as dwelling places, and places of business makes the issue of the city hall even more frustrating.

I believe that my objection to a new city hall, in the face of all the other projects that are being proposed, is still valid.

John W. Thompson, MD

Lake Oswego

In support of Oliver's, its food and its outside tables

To the Editor:

This is in response to Sam Bennett's article titled 'Liquor license squabble bubbles over in Westlake' regarding Oliver's Stone Oven Grill Restaurant.

First of all, after the article was written, Oliver's received the liquor license. It appears it was approved because the OLCC realized that Oliver's was unjustly being singled out and that Mr. Mannis' history of having a liquor license for 19 years reflected an excellent record.

It seems obvious Erin O'Rourke-Meadors, president of the Westlake Homeowners Association, has been intent on putting Oliver's out of business. She stated she does 'not trust Mannis' claims that he won't extend hours or add lottery.'

Is there a reason for this lack of trust, or is she just clairvoyant? Does she have a close relationship with the city manager that allowed for the prohibition of using the patio tables for outside dining after 10 years being so utilized? Will the city manager listen to the over 500 people who have signed the petition for restoration of outside seating or continue to listen only to Ms. O'Rourke-Meadors and her HOA?

We have been going to Talarico's for years. Now that it is a full-service restaurant, we find it offers delicious food at a reasonable price. There is an added bonus of it being close to our home, saving us on gasoline costs. We love this wonderful restaurant operated by resourceful owners with considerable experience in the food and restaurant industry. Its presence only adds to the attraction of living in or near the Westlake area.

We would like to see the tables put back outside for all to enjoy while we having these beautiful summer months.

Gale and Gary Gipson

Lake Oswego

Residents left feeling empty over actions from city

To the Editor:

This past year of Lake Oswego City Hall politics has left the people of Lake Oswego with a feeling of emptiness. The wholesale raid of reserve funds, and failure of city hall leadership is a blow to every citizen's pocket book and ego.

The constant spendthrift performance of Mayor Judie Hammerstad and ignorance of responsible financial management are dangerous and perilous. It has the effect of selling the citizens of Lake Oswego into economic slavery for 20 years.

She has ignored the pleadings of groups and commissions. She has scraped the records of public hearings. She has used wishful thinking to manage the budget. The only thing missing is astrology and an ouija board.

I implore the citizenry to realize who this woman is and recall this … politician from public office forever.

Tom Devanney

Lake Oswego

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