by: submitted photo, Fire crews responding to Sunday’s house fire on Tualamere Avenue in Rivergrove swap out breathing tanks while responding to the blaze. The Rivergrove home owned by Jason and Krystal Young sustained about $15,000 in damage.

About $15,000 damage was done to a home at 19354 S.W. Tualamere Avenue in Rivergrove Sunday.

An investigator with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue determined that the most probable cause of the fire was insulation material ignited by the conducted heat from an oxyacetylene torch being used by the homeowner to weld copper tubing.

At the time of the fire, the home was undergoing an extensive renovation.

'I was most impressed by the scope and speed of the response - from all the emergency people, and the neighbors,' said Tobi Kibel Piatek, a neighbor, who shot photographs of the response by fire crews.

According to Piatek, the 'fire broke out on Sunday afternoon in the home of Jason and Krystal Young, who are in the process of a major remodel. The fire started in the attic when the insulation started to burn. People working in the house immediately began to pour water on the flames, and called 9-1-1. Smoke was pouring from the roof by the time emergency vehicles began arriving within only six minutes. The first to arrive was a Lake Oswego fire truck. Eventually, five fire trucks, from both Lake Oswego and the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue departments were on the scene.'

Also present were two police cars, a first-response vehicle and two ambulances.

The home is owned by Jason and Krystal Young. They have two children: McKinley, 11, and Sedona, 8.

Jason Young said that the whole event lasted one hour and 40 minutes.

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