City officials applauded for having the savvy to invest in Safeco site


We just got finished reading the letter from Mr. Devanney dated June 28. While we have full respect for citizens' views to which we are all entitled, Mr. Devanney crosses the line of respect. His comments about our mayor and city officials are offensive to the many of us who feel that our city leadership has been effective.

Our mayor is a doer. She also has a depth of experience and perspective that makes her an asset to this community. Is she perfect? Nobody is. Does she work hard to make this community a better place? Absolutely, and we respect that.

We say this with first-hand knowledge. We are long time residents who have been very involved in the community for more than 45 years. We have experienced the bumpy roads taken as people pursue different opportunities to enhance our city. In some cases, the efforts of citizens and public officials have failed and we missed great opportunities. Fortunately for us, in other cases our city officials persevered, and the 'majority' is enriched with the additions, and Lake Oswego continues to be a place where people want to live.

Through years of being asked by people from all walks of life, 'How does Lake Oswego keep sustaining such a wonderful community?' the answer has always been, 'We are fortunate to have citizens who are intelligent enough to understand that together we can support opportunities to enhance the quality of life for our city.'

That's not to say that every public expenditure is a good one. As we wait to take a position on what should happen at the West End Building, we will listen and be open to what will be the best for the citizens at large and for the future of our city. Buying the property in our opinion so far was a good opportunity and we need to at least explore the possibilities it can have for all of us as a whole.

We applaud our city officials for having the savvy to invest in real estate that will only increase in value. We appreciate their dedication to our community and respect them as our elected leaders. We urge you to remember that if you care about this community, you should care enough to respectfully disagree with others rather than resort to negative attacks on the people who are, after all, your neighbors.

Dee Denton and Tris Denton are residents of Lake Oswego.