Wakeboard, water ski spectaculars bring out the "oohs" and "ahs" from an appreciative crowd Sunday
by: Ken Borst, Wakerboard professional Rusty Malinoski catches air in front of some of the homes on the bay Sunday.

Kicking off the Fourth of July week celebration in Lake Oswego was a series of on-the-water events on Oswego Lake's Lakewood Bay Sunday.

Sponsored by Lake Corporation with viewing venues from Millennium Plaza Park, a Mastercraft Wakeboard competition with expert and novice classes was held early Sunday afternoon, followed by a Wakeboard Exhibition with freestyle fun for all ages followed by the always-popular Water Ski Spectacular.

Among those participating in the wakeboard events was Rusty Malinoski, 23, who is currently one of the top professional wakeboarders in the world. Last year, Malinoski, who is from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada, but trains in Florida, became the first wakeboarder to ever land a 1080 twice - that's spinning a total of 2,160 degrees in the air over water while being pulled by a boat.

He participated along with other pros and amateur wakeboarders and waterskiers in the Sunday activities, which helped to launch an exciting week of holiday-related events in Lake Oswego.

Among the highlights from the water skiing events (back by popular demand) was a pyramid demonstration with as many at 10 skiers being pulled simultaneously behind a boat while some of the participants stood on the shoulders of the peers to form a pyramid. Other skiers performed while holding onto flags.

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