Taxes force residents out of city


The Portland Tribune allows comments to be added to its stories on and Here are samples of what readers have been posting recently.

Not mentioned directly in the June 22 article 'Dispersal forms doughnut' is the fact that our older citizens also are being forced out.

The ever-increasing cost of living could be attributed to the city of Portland itself, with its consistent sources of revenue from businesses and the local taxpayer.

Compare the water, sewage and garbage bills with those from surrounding communities. Check your tax bills. The voters of Portland need to wake up unless we want a city where only the very rich can live.

John Vieira

Northeast Portland

Sam Adams just doesn't get it

Folks, why do you keep voting for Sam Adams and pathetic tax-and-spend Democrats (Adams takes Portland street plan to the people, June 22)? What has Adams done that's so great?

He hates Wal-Mart, but loves Fred Meyer, Target and Ikea dearly. He wants to waste money on putting a streetcar on Burnside Street.

Why do we need more streetcars? They carry only a tiny percentage of people, same with light rail. Adams wants everyone to walk or ride a bike everywhere.

More taxes will give more people yet another reason to get out of Portland. I don't live in Portland myself and plan on never again living within the city limits.

Matthew Vantress


Sheriff is innocent until proven guilty

Golly! The presumption of innocence seems to be dead in Multnomah County, especially where a cop is involved (Giusto has new accuser, June 22).

I am in no way defending Bernie Giusto; he is capable of doing that himself, but I believe he should not be 'convicted' by rumor, speculation, conjecture and secondhand comments.

R. Lee Willis

Columbia County

Illegal immigration has simple solution

The problem of deporting illegal immigrants is a phony issue (Raid signals the need for reform, June 15). Proponents of the Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill insist that it is simply impossible to deport millions of outlaws.

They insist that every thoughtful American must understand this fact and, therefore, must accept that we have no choice but amnesty.

Not so.

What the rest of us understand is that, if the border is closed, if a tamperproof ID card is devised, and if businesses are severely penalized for hiring undocumented labor, the illegals will evaporate as their opportunities fade. They will go home voluntarily, at no cost to U.S. taxpayers.

Bob Quinn

North Carolina

One way to deal with sheriff is jail

Bernie Giusto (Giusto has new accuser, June 22) should be locked up in his own jail!

Steve Crawford

Southeast Portland