Rethinking Portland

Is housing choice floating out of reach?

In the Rethinking Portland section included in the June 26 Portland Tribune (Is housing choice floating out of reach?), we took a look at how rising housing costs and increasing density rates are changing, and in many cases diminishing, the number of choices we have about where and how we live in the metro area.

First, the area's median family income is not keeping up with the median cost of housing.

And the region's rapid population growth and limited buildable land within the urban growth boundary are substantially altering the way our neighborhoods look and feel.

Big, multistory houses go up on small lots; two or three tall, skinny homes replace one old one; modern steel and glass condos rise next to a Craftsman; condo towers loom over traditional neighborhoods.

If you missed the section, you can find it at or get a paper copy by calling our circulation department, 503-546-9810.

- Connie Pickett, Rethinking Portland editor