Police blotter - June 30, 2011


Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:

Note to readers: This is an abridged version of the Lake Oswego blotter. For the full log, including arrests, please see the print edition of your local newspaper.


6/26/11 3:22 p.m. A burglar gained entry through an unlocked door at a house on Lake Haven Drive and proceeded to steal a Microsoft Xbox, equipment and $400 in cash. Total loss was set at $815.


6/24/11 7:41 a.m. A driver nearly ran down a bicyclist on S. State Street. The driver was cited for a dangerous turn.


6/23/11 9:57 a.m. A purse containing $650 worth of valuables was stolen from a car parked on D Avenue.

6/25/11 8:25 a.m. A basketball hoop was stolen from a residence on Summer Woods.

6/27/11 2:48 p.m. Somebody tried to make a large charge on a person's credit card at a bank.


6/21/11 8:08 a.m. The dangers of dog excrement are being experienced on Evergreen Road, where numerous piles were found on the grassy right-of-way.

6/21/11 10:38 a.m. A Ford Explorer was keyed on Parkview Drive.

6/21/11 11:06 a.m. Two separate people, possibly homeless, are hanging around in a shelter near restrooms and using picnic tables during the day.

6/21/11 1:19 p.m. A driver drove off without having the gas nozzle removed at a gas station on Monroe Parkway. This caused the nozzle to break off, but at least she paid for the gas.

6/21/11 2:49 p.m. What was feared to be a house burglary by a gang of squatters turned out to be people doing estimate work for a real estate company.

6/21/11 3:20 p.m. Three families refused to leave the swim park on Ridgeway Road even after the 'Closed' sign was posted.

6/21/11 3:56 p.m. Kerry Lee Barker, 31, registered as a sex offender.

6/21/11 4:20 p.m. Jumping juveniles are causing a problem on the South Shore Bridge, and they are also coming onto private property. The five juveniles, all 13 years old, were trespassed from the location.

6/21/11 4:21 p.m. Empty alcohol cans and cigarette butts were discovered in a secluded fenced-in deck off the alley on 1st Street. In addition, a loose doorknob on a business indicated that someone had tried to break in.

6/21/11 5 p.m. A missing 2 ½-year-old girl was discovered hiding in her house.

6/21/11 6:45 p.m. A 16-year-old driver is tailgating and flipping off drivers in a crude cruise down Country Club Road.

6/21/11 9:12 p.m. There was $150 in damages from scratches done to vehicles parked on N. State Street.

6/21/11 9:15 p.m. Two vehicles on N. State Street were scratched so badly it caused $200 in damage.

6/22/11 1:11 a.m. Screaming, swearing men were easily heard in an incident on Washington Court.

6/22/11 7:56 a.m. Uplands Elementary was broken into, with damage estimated at $100.

6/22/11 8:49 a.m. Littering broke out on Country Club Road when a pile of kitchen trash was left on an access road between the junior high school and church.

6/22/11 9:50 a.m. In a case of promiscuous shooting, two windows were broken and several BBs were lodged into the side of a house on Dolphin Court. At least 24 BB pellets were shot at the house. It turned out that two children were shooting BB guns in their backyard, but their mother promised to reach a civil compromise with the house owner.

6/22/11 1:49 p.m. Twelve goats escaped from their pen and trotted down Highway 43. However, officers helped round up the horny rascals and return them to their corral.

6/22/11 2:21 p.m. There is an ongoing problem with juveniles riding motorized carts and motorcycles on Andrews Road and Iron Mountain Boulevard. The youths do not wear helmets, and they are a danger to themselves and others on the road.

6/22/11 5 p.m. An investigator was requested to ask about a woman who has abandoned her children.

6/22/11 6:23 p.m. A strong chemical smell was coming from inside a convenience store where the employee was acting silly. It turned out that the chemical smell is nothing unusual and that the employee is always silly.

6/22/11 7:55 p.m. A group of juveniles were nagging adults to buy them cigarettes at a business on Monroe Parkway.

6/22/11 9:10 p.m. Two pot smokers are sending their smoke wafting into the home of a woman on Jefferson Parkway.

6/22/11 9:21 p.m. A bag tagged 'Dead Raccoon' was found in an alley on 2nd Street. Sure enough, there was a dead raccoon in the bag.

6/22/11 9:43 p.m. Worried relatives told police that a woman was not suicidal, just drunk.

6/23/11 3:06 a.m. Two swaying men who gave off a distinct alcohol odor were almost falling down in a store on Pilkington Road, before driving off in their vehicle.

6/23/11 9:32 a.m. A man who was either drunk or high refused to leave a coffee shop.

6/23/11 2:01 p.m. A man abandoned his pitbull in front of the Firehouse Pub on A Avenue.

6/23/11 2:03 p.m. A drunk is back at a super market, even though he was banned the previous day.

6/23/11 3:04 p.m. A road rage incident started in Portland and went all the way to the Marylhurst area.

6/23/11 3:07 p.m. A boxer attacked a woman and her dog while they were walking in the Falstaff and Touchstone area.

6/23/11 10:09 p.m. Four juveniles came into a store on Monroe Parkway and yelled at the employee for calling the police. The juvies had attempted to purchase cigarettes there the previous day.

6/24/11 1:33 a.m. A loud party was interrupted when two 18-year-olds were cited for MIP.

6/24/11 7:24 a.m. Graffiti with the words 'Buttboys'was sprayed onto the gym wall at Palisades Elementary. There was also graffiti sprayed on a truck that said 'BB.' Damage was set at $70.

6/24/11 9:57 a.m. While on a trip to the post office, a woman left her Apple laptop on a counter as she was making a phone call. She then left without taking the $1,500 computer.

6/24/11 12:35 p.m. A solicitor was staring through a window at a woman in a residence on Charles Circle. He had ignored her 'No Soliciting' sign.

6/24/11 12:55 p.m. An autistic child was bitten by a German Shepard at George Rogers Park.

6/24/11 2:10 p.m. A man became agitated at a business on 4th Street when he was told about the check cashing fees for non-members.

6/24/11 2:22 p.m. An employee of a restaurant screamed at and threatened a customer.

6/24/11 3:12 p.m. Some juveniles, ranging in age from 12 to 14, moved a park bench onto a woman's property on Knaus Road. They told her they were building a fort.

6/24/11 3:28 p.m. A blond boy aged 9 or 10, with a skull and crossbones on his left cheek, was reported to be missing from a residence on S. State Street.

6/24/11 4:46 p.m. An ex-boyfriend harassed his ex-girlfriend by leaving a water bottle on her porch.

6/24/11 6:42 p.m. A house on Hidalgo has been egged three times since last Friday, and graffiti has been painted on a son's car. Estimated damage to the house is between $2,000 to $3,000.

6/24/11 8:31 p.m. Yelling and swearing were engaged in by a group gathered near a blue Ford on Greenridge Drive.

6/24/11 9:03 p.m. Just as he left her off in Beaverton, a boyfriend told his girlfriend that he was going back to her house to steal items and harm her dog.

6/25/11 12:56 a.m. Two 17 year olds were caught making a drug deal near some bushes on Chapin Way and Morning Sky Court.

6/25/11 12:11 p.m. A rude man is asking people for money on 1st Street.

6/25/11 2:26 p.m. Roving juveniles are tipping over trashcans on Bryant Woods.

6/25/11 8:42 p.m. There is an ongoing problem with teen girl foster children drinking while their foster parents are not there, which is often. Things are worse now that a third teen girl foster child has moved in.

6/25/11 11:39 p.m. A drunken woman was rolling around on the ground on B Avenue. A detox center refused to take her, so she was taken home to her boyfriend.

6/26/11 9:47 a.m. Two tires were slashed on a car parked on Westridge Drive.

6/26/11 12:31 p.m. A man became belligerent after he was refused entry at a recreation center for not following rules and said he would only leave if the police made him. That being the case, officers showed up and ousted the rule breaker.

6/26/11 6:16 p.m. Two windows were broken out a classroom at Bryant Elementary. Two baseball-sized holes were discovered.

6/26/11 6:55 p.m. A resident of a senior care center attempted to leave despite medical advice, even though he was unable to walk on his own and his family refusing to pick him up. Despite fainting, he said he would walk 10 miles to his house. He later agreed to wait for his wife to pick him up.

6/26/11 9:31 p.m. A man was screaming for help at a hotel on Kruse Oaks Drive. Medical workers discovered he had possibly broken his arm.

6/27/11 9:35 a.m. Church of Christ on Country Club Road has been broken into three times in recent days.

6/27/11 12:45 p.m. In a possible case of boat rage, a fat, bald man stuck out his tongue at a man and woman in another boat, then tried to force them go ashore.

6/27/11 1:33 p.m. Three girls in their early teens vandalized the softball area at Bryant Elementary, tearing down nets at the batting cages.

6/27/11 4:03 p.m. A strange person was going door-to-door on Orchard Hill asking if cars were for sale.

6/27/11 7:51 p.m. A man reeking of alcohol stumbled away from a video store on Boones Ferry Road.


6/21/11 2:43 p.m. A woman's American Express Card is being used by a miscreant in Japan.

6/22/11 12:08 p.m. An unauthorized withdrawal of $466 was made from a debit account in California.

6/22/11 4:16 p.m. Fraudulent use of a credit card was used to steal $1,900.

6/23/11 1:59 p.m. A man was informed he had won millions but was asked to pay FBI fees.

6/23/11 4:57 p.m. Two females were arrested for aggravated ID theft, conspiracy and tampering with drug records and possibly forged instrument.

6/25/11 4:33 p.m. A strawberry blonde just dropped off a false prescription at a pharmacy on B Avenue.