Krivoy shares the challenges of immigrant students


Beaverton's Human Rights Advisory Commission invites the public to learn more about the challenges immigrant students face as they acclimate to a new community.

Beaverton School District's Lidia Krivoy will serve as a guest speaker during a presentation Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Beaverton City Library Conference Room, 12375 S.W. Fifth St. Comments and questions will begin at 8 p.m.

'The way the school district has welcomed new immigrant families serves as an inspiration to us all,' said Beaverton Mayor Dennis Doyle. 'We appreciate Ms. Krivoy bringing her message of tolerance and respect to all of our community members.'

Krivoy serves as the Beaverton School District's English as a second language family services specialist and is responsible for ensuring that ESL students and their families are connected to community resources. Since 1999, she has helped ensure their academic success.

As an immigrant from Argentina, Krivoy understands the unique challenges that immigrant students and their families face while they adapt to a new culture.

'Lidia's own journey to Beaverton is quite compelling,' Doyle said. 'She will reveal how she became an active member of our community and provide thoughtful advice on how others can also integrate successfully into an unfamiliar community. She has learned so much from the families that she has worked with over these many years - her presentation will be especially insightful.

In addition, Krivoy will give an overview of the services the Beaverton School District provides to more than 5,000 immigrants and migrant students and their families. She will also talk about the district's Welcome Center, which is housed within the Beaverton Resource Center.

The Welcome Center is the result of a longstanding partnership with the city of Beaverton and provides a variety of services, including interpretation services in nine languages, testing for appropriate program placement, referrals to community resources and a multi-language library.

'The Human Rights Advisory Commission hopes to ensure that all Beaverton residents are free of discrimination,' said Rob Solomon, commission chairman. 'Unfortunately, some citizens must overcome prejudices, while others may face cultural and linguistic challenges that at times may seem insurmountable. We're committed to making our community a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.'

For more information, contact Solomon at 503-644-9696.