I wish to elaborate on the statements regarding the proposed football games/stadium at Lakeridge High School. I, like the majority of my neighbors near Lakeridge High School, am a big fan of the LR football program and all the sports programs for our youth. My sons played varsity football and basketball at the high school and we attended most, if not all of, the games.

The article (last week in the Lake Oswego Review) stated that I said a new stadium and the games at the school 'was a bad idea.' It did go on to mention that I thought the Luscher Farm new field would be a better choice. I still believe this to be true for the following reasons.

1. Luscher Farm (which should be changed to Stafford Sports Facility) is now being improved with a new turf football field, and additional facilities are being planned for the future.

2. The 'farm' area is now over 110 acres and should acquire even more acreage in the future, as more sites are purchased or deeded. The area should be master planned for a variety of uses that have been requested, but the football stadium and the parking necessary for the fans should come first. In addition to parking, bathroom facilities, and vendor accommodations are being planned.

3. The traffic signal that now exists at the intersection would be more efficient if traffic would be directed to parking on the east side of Stafford and Overlook, and avoid what will be a traffic jam to the west with the addition of added use by Avamere, the new Collier sub-division, and the already increased use of the second turf field at Lakeridge (June 2007).

4. A much larger and (more) useful stadium could be built at the Luscher site (new turf field), which would facilitate the large number of football fans, and other sports uses, and would not impact the neighbors on Cloverleaf with the lights, traffic, noise, garbage, and childish pranks to which they now experience. The conditions under which the first turf field was conditionally granted still have not been fully implemented, and they deserve better treatment.

Yes, I said I thought it was a 'bad idea' because I believe there is a better idea for the fans and the neighbors.

John Mills Woodworth is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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