by: David F. Ashton “The Treasures of Narnia” is filled with treasures left behind by children – and discovered when they return to Narnia, 1,300 years later.

Looking for something new to do, with the family?

Look into exploring the latest exhibition at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) - 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition'.

'It's based on the blockbuster Narnia film series, and C.S. Lewis' beloved fictional books,' explained Debra Sonner, the nonprofit science museum's new Director of Marketing, just after the May 21 grand opening.

'Visitors will enjoy an entertaining look at the world of Narnia, a place where animals talk, magic is common, and good battles evil.

'It's filled with authentic costumes, props, and set dressings from the Narnia films - allowing visitors to enter a three-dimensional world that combines the wonders of science with aspects of fantasy.'

Additionally, the exhibit features multimedia presentations, hands-on elements, and interactive activities that invite questions about geography, archeology, engineering, and the environment.

From discovering the principles behind how a castle's archway is engineered, to touching a real 'frozen waterfall' - the exhibition draws from all of all three of the Narnia movies, and the author's books - including C.S. Lewis' walk-in wardrobe, and artifacts from his office.

'We bring in exhibits that are the right blend of entertainment and education,' Sonner said. 'The blockbuster Narnia movies have captured peoples' imaginations, and that will draw them into the exhibit. Once here, visitors can also explore the many other imaginative educational components that guests have come expect from OMSI.'

'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition' is on display in OMSI's Earth Science Hall through September 25; tickets to the exhibition are $2, with regular museum admission.

The nationally-renowned Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is located at 1945 S.E. Water Avenue, on the east bank of the Willamette River, just north of the Ross Island Bridge. Look for the red tower and the OmniMax dome. For hours, prices, and other information, go online to their website: .

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