by: TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO, Dorothy English and her lingering Measure 37 court case has readers questioning her motives and the actions of local government.

In my opinion, the heartwarming story behind Measure 37 turns out to be a perfect disaster story of greed, venom and false motives (Key land-use case unsettled, Aug. 10).

Dorothy English told us she just wanted to split up her land for her grandkids. She failed to mention that she also wanted to become a millionaire in the process.

Thanks to her sad tale of woe, Oregonians are stuck with a broken system. Every money-hungry landowner in the state is hacking off a chunk of Oregon's beauty, using it to blackmail the government into paying millions so they can turn it into concrete and asphalt.

English's case is a perfect example of why Measure 37 is a bad law. It's turning Oregonians against one another, turning coastal forests into new suburbs, paralyzing local governments, and ultimately, ruining Oregon.

Our state has been a model for smart land use for decades. Now it's just another get-rich-quick real estate opportunity.

Tate Williams

Northeast Portland

Vote yes on 49, no to paving over state

I, along with many Oregonians, have come to realize Measure 37 is all about greed and concrete (Key land-use case unsettled, Aug. 10).

It is not about protecting family farms. It is not about protecting our cities from urban decay. It is not about building a home for my grandchildren, Dorothy. It is about paving over Oregon.

So goodbye, urban growth boundary. Goodbye, coastal forest. Goodbye, pear orchards on Mount Hood. Hello, strip malls and tract housing.

If you're not sure, just go to Southern California. Oregon will be there in 10 years if we do not fix Measure 37.

Vote yes in November on Measure 49 to amend 37 and to save our farms and forests and cities.

Roland Kerner

Southeast Portland

So can she build now, or can't she?

I would like to know who is telling the truth here (Key land-use case unsettled, Aug. 10). Can Dorothy English, or her hired contractor, drive out to the site this morning and construct?

If so, then Multnomah County Chairman Ted Wheeler is telling the truth when he says, 'She can build whenever she wants,' and lawyer Joe Willis is lying.

Conversely, Willis is telling the truth if the county still proposes that English's subdivision plan go through public hearings, because neither English nor her contractor can now build and thus Wheeler is lying.

The key question is: Can she or can she not go to the site and build today?

Marvin McConoughey


'Samaritan' gave me more than dinner

I was homeless and addicted to meth for quite a while. But one night I went to Sarah Modrall's house for dinner (A great Samaritan, Aug. 14).

I was inspired by the loving and welcome spirit that always has been in her heart. I decided to try and do something about my problem and returned to Modrall's on many weekends over the past two years.

Today, I am off the streets and an honors student in college. I will never say Sarah did nothing for me. All she ever wanted was for people to feel loved. Kindness and love run deep in her heart.

She's not taking credit for people's recovery but rather demonstrating that we could all be a little more loving and tolerant. The world does not owe me anything - and neither did Sarah - but she gave me her time.

I, for one, have learned a great deal from her. Maybe we all could learn a lot if we quit hating and started growing from within.

Sean P. Tolan


Via Web

Activists' tactics are abhorrent

My heart goes out to the researchers who are committed to providing medical cures and treatments for diseases and who must do their work under this kind of threat and harassment (Researchers taking extra precautions since latest ALF incident,, Aug. 8).

Thank you, Eliot Spindel, for your work. It may ensure the health of future generations.

We who have held sick children in our arms and grieved over those who have not survived are eagerly awaiting the results of your work and the work of others in your community.

The violence of the Animal Liberation Front and the animal rights organizations that support and encourage these tactics is no different than the violence inflicted on our nation by terrorist organizations that seek to destroy America.

How very uncivilized that they resort to threatening to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

Valerie Cole

Reston, Va.

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Potter out of line on lieutenant's firing

As a retired cop, I'm outraged by the power grab of Mayor Tom Potter (Potter fires cop who killed motorist, Aug. 17).

Even if Lt. Jeffrey Kaer screwed up, there is a progression of discipline normally used with any officer and is handled by someone within the agency, not a political official.

Potter was completely out of line in this case, usurping the command and control of the agency. No wonder Potter desperately wanted the people to vote for a strong-mayor type of government.

Luckily the people had more intelligence.

Paul McDaniel

Vancouver, Wash.

Cyclists need to share the road, too

While I believe in sharing the road with bicyclists, they need to ride more responsibly and obey the traffic laws.

I travel through Portland every day on my way home from work. I am tired of having to slam on my brakes because cyclists ride through stop signs and red lights … and frequently pass my car and others on the right side, only to make a left turn immediately in front of my car into a crossing street.

If the mayor and our police can conduct frequent sting operations to crack down on auto drivers for failure to yield to pedestrians waiting at crosswalks, they also can regularly crack down and start ticketing bicyclists who disobey traffic laws.

These cyclists only endanger themselves and the motorists who are trying to share the road with them.

Rick Engel

West Linn

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