Woodstock-area Cake Ace provides wedding treats

by: David F. Ashton Jack Robeson, proprietor and baker at His Bakery on S.E. 72nd, custom-makes wedding cakes that are both delightful to look at and tasty.

A favorite type of program on cable-TV's growing lineup of 'cooking channels' revolves around creating baked goods.

Jack Robeson, proprietor and baker at 'His Bakery' on S.E. 72nd Avenue, just south of S.E. Woodstock Boulevard, has been whipping up wedding cakes and other styles of cakes for more than 17 years.

A certain kind of special excitement is in the shop, Robeson noted, when a special order comes in. 'Some of the cake decorating ideas people bring us are a challenge, and it's a lot of fun to do different designs on the cake. We like producing creative cakes.'

'This is our busy season,' Robeson said. 'We're creating at least one wedding cake a day, and up to 70 cakes every week - for graduation, Father's Day, and other celebrations. Unlike big commercial cake 'factories', each cake here is handmade.'

But, anyone who comes in his door will see that Robeson runs a full-line neighborhood bake shop, with fresh muffins, cookies, pies, breads, dessert bars, and a variety of other treats on the shelves - including your reporter's favorite, the custard-filled chocolate topped éclair.

'The best part about being in business here,' Robeson said, 'Is being part of a real neighborhood. We get to know our customers, and develop relationships. Our customers turn into friends, and it's always nice to see your friends when they stop by.'

For more information, go online to: www.hisbakery.com .