Little Leaguers from Lake Oswego played with 'class'

To the Editor:

I wanted to write and praise those Little League players from Lake Oswego, their parents, coaches, teachers, heck the whole town should all pat themselves on the back for a job well done on raising these boys.

I love watching the games from the regionals to the last game. I have been watching for years and I have to say I have never seen a team quite like yours. Those boys are all great players - that is why they made it all the way to Williamsport.

But even more than that, they did 'it with class.' The coach often said that to them as he talked to them out on the field, no matter what we do, 'do it with class.' As they were down by 6 and those 98 mile an hour fast balls sped by, they cheered each other on. They laughed as they went back into the dug out, and even with the last pitch they chanted. They won with class and lost with class - a job well done boys. I wish you all well and thanks for the memories.

Jeanne Creagh

Bastrop Texas

The Pearl has made a strong turnaround - check it out

To the Editor:

I recently had the most rewarding two weeks of rehabilitation at the Pearl (by Avamere), so why am I writing to the Lake Oswego paper?

Before I decided to go there I read all the articles in your paper and do believe that the problems that occured more than likely did happen.

However, the Pearl has done one of the best turnarounds (if that is what it needed) I have ever seen.

Beautiful facility, no odors, lovely private and semi-private rooms, great food, wonderful physical therapy and the kindest, most sincere staff.

As I have told all my family and friends, if I had a swimming pool outside my room I would feel like I was at a first-rate resort.

I highly recommend The Pearl.

Arlene Dana


Reader disliked editorial cartoon

To the editor:

Why are you allowing such a revolting cartoon to end up in the Aug. 23 Lake Oswego Review editorial page?

(Cartoonist) Michael Lucas should get a life, instead of drawing such mindless garbage. It is awful.

Kathleen Van Deusen

Lake Oswego

Key Alumni Bash names missed

To the Editor:

Two very important contributors to the success of the Alumni Bash were missed in last week's letter to the editor to the Lake Oswego Review.

Jennifer Pierce Zahniser, Lakeridge '72, worked tirelessly with great enthusiasm and competence to make the event a wonderful success. Also, Doug Lee, owner of Zeppo Restaurant, continues to be an outstanding supporter of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation and school district. We truly want Jennifer and Doug to know how much they are appreciated as well as letting your readers know the people who worked so hard on the first Alumni Bash.

Mary Puskas

Foundation Director and head of the Lake Oswego Alumni Association

Good news that Flexcar arrives

To the Editor:

Finally! Flexcar arrives in Lake Oswego! Unfortunately, it arrives just as my husband Michael and I say a bittersweet goodbye to Lake Oswego and the friends we have made here as we head 'home' to North Carolina to be closer to our families.

Susan Millhauser and staff have done a great job convincing Flexcar that Lake Oswego is ready to embrace the idea of car-sharing. While this idea has started with the city staff, I eagerly anticipate the day I receive news from friends here that Flexcar is expanding to include the citizens of this city, enough of whom - believe it or not - either live without a vehicle and have expressed interest in Flexcar, or are new to the idea and want to reduce their own carbon footprint by losing that second, third or fourth car by using Flexcar instead.

Back to us: Five years ago, Lynn and Mark Peterson here in Lake Oswego noticed that Michael and I lived car-free. Our lifestyle usually worked just fine: He worked from home; I bus/rode my bike to work; I had my 'little ol' lady cart' for groceries; we walked or rode our bikes to get almost anything we needed in Lake Oswego; and we would rent a car for vacation travel. The Petersons asked us if we'd like to car-share with them.

Over the years, this arrangement has worked great: We had our very own 'Flexcar.' While the arrangement solved our problem, it didn't work for others in this terrific little community. We would continually meet people who wanted Flexcar to come to Lake Oswego.

As we leave Lake Oswego, we truly hope that those of you who would like to use Flexcar will call or write to the company and ask that a fleet be assigned in several locations around the city.

Oh yeah, if Flexcar is listening ... can you come to Concord, N.C. next? You'll have a couple of customers.

Rose M. Rummel-Eury

Lake Oswego

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