by: Ray Pitz, 
Beaverton Police Sgt. Paul Wandell, right, writes up a report on a car driven by Lake Oswego resident Virginia Mahdsley that crashed into a Beaverton law office last week. The policeman at left was not identified.

Beaverton attorney Robert Bell considers himself pretty lucky.

Bell was in his office on the southeast corner of Cedar Hills Boulevard and Millikan Way at 2:46 p.m. Aug. 28 when he heard a 'very loud sound.'

'I thought it was a horrific accident in the intersection,' said a still-shaken Bell, shortly after the incident. '(Or) I thought someone may have hit the building but not come into the building.'

However, when Sheetrock dust fogged the building, he knew the accident was closer than he imagined.

Peering into the office next to his, Bell discovered a red 2001 4-door Subaru Legacy sitting inside the Myatt and Bell Attorneys office.

Inside the vehicle was an elderly woman who appeared unharmed.

By then, Bell's office manager, Roxan Fairbanks was already chatting with the driver whom police identified as 82-year-old Virginia Mahdsley of Lake Oswego.

'She was doing pretty well,' said Fairbanks. 'She was talking. She didn't have any head injuries.'

Fairbanks told her not to move and to stay still until emergency personnel arrived.

'And I just sat there and talked to her,' she said.

Mahdsley was taken to a local hospital but didn't have any visible injuries, according to Sgt. Paul Wandell, Beaverton Police Department spokesman.

Both Bell and Fairbanks said the incident could have turned out much worst.

Only three weeks ago, another employee occupied the office that Mahdsley's car plowed into. Since then the employee has moved to another job, they said.

Wandell said the vehicle's driver told police she was driving southbound on Cedar Hills Boulevard when she tried to avoid a westbound vehicle in the intersection.

However, Mahdsley was later cited for running a red light. No other charges are pending.

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