Front row seats

Lakewood Bay residents prepared for Independence Day with wakeboard competition, water ski show
by: SUBMITTED PHOTO / TRAVIS HENDRICKS It was this formation, above, that got the audience — comprised of Oswego Lake residents and their visitors — excited enough to honk the horns on their boats and pull out their binoculars for a closer look.

Lakewood Bay residents had front row seats to the Oswego Lake Wakeboard Competition Sunday in preparation for Independence Day.

Beginning with lessons followed by a wakeboard competition, 'the contestants were all from Lake Oswego with the exception of one guest from Norway,' said Jeff Ward, lake manager with the Lake Oswego Corporation.

He continued, 'My favorite thing about the competition is the fact that we get to know people and see them progress from year to year - especially the kids.'

Ward noted that wakeboard-related prizes were given and the event was sponsored by the Lake Oswego Corporation.

The spectator audience on Oswego Lake built well into the evening when, at dinnertime, festive performers on water skies pulled out all the stops for the Water Ski Spectacular - towing American flags, forming pyramids or sitting on shoulders and weaving in and out of formations.

Houses lining the bay - in addition to spectators at Millennium Plaza Park, Sundeleaf Park and on the patio at Oswego Lakehouse - cheered as the performers made loops in the water. Residents sat cozy in the warm weather to enjoy barbecues, fire pits, a few early fireworks and plenty of activity as neighbors visited one another by boat.