In recent weeks, the Lake Oswego Police Department has received a slew of complaints about door-to-door magazine sellers.

Earlier this month, police arrested Kathryn Ozsoy, 27, of Tennessee, for suspicion of second-degree theft by deception, according to Lake Oswego Police Department Capt. Don Forman.

Oszoy was selling magazines door-to-door and apparently using an assortment of deceptive tactics.

Suspected ruses included being a junior at the University of Oregon looking to study in London, being a student at Rice University, asking for personal contributions to study abroad, trying to win a trip to Europe and looking for help to study architecture in Italy.

She was believed to be traveling with a larger group selling magazines door-to-door in the metropolitan area. A vehicle associated with the group is a white Ford Econoline Van with the Georgia license plate AGH 6777.

Forman said police noticed that Oszoy's company receipts and other identifying information are associated with the same organization that visited the metropolitan area in April.

The suspicious sales pitches in April included being local school cheerleaders and raising money for non-existent baseball teams.

'Although we have not identified any of the same solicitors as in April, it appears, at least with this solicitor, the game is the same,' said Forman.

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