by: JEFFREY BOTTARI, Blazers fans and Greg Oden have had a lot on their minds since the team announced Oden will be out for the season. Many readers on our Web sites, and, advised fans to keep the faith.

Thanks for putting things in perspective, Dwight (Blazer fans, the sky isn't falling, Sept. 14). I think most knowledgeable fans realize the sky isn't falling. What kills me are those who want to return their newly purchased season tickets. Give me a break.

The future still is very bright for the Blazers. Greg Oden will be missed this year, but I still look forward to seeing the team continue to improve and grow.

Eric Matthieu

Southeast Portland

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Blazers can do it with, without Oden

Yes, I am disappointed that Greg Oden won't play this year, but it was through no fault of his own. Things do happen when we least expect them to.

We have plenty of good players to step up and prove their worth: LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, Channing Frye and Steve Blake, just to name a few.

I'm surprised the fans aren't getting behind the team. They paid good money to see a winning team and I think this team can do it, with or without Oden.

Here's to a great recovery for Oden, so he can come back stronger.

Virginia Fairchild

Southeast Portland

Time for reading, writing and recovery


Regarding the Sept. 13 article 'Oden: 'I'm sorry' ' (at, I'm looking forward to seeing you play late in 2007 or '08 /'09. But while you have a little time, you could squeeze in another year of college.

Richard H. Coshow

Shelton, Wash.

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Phoenix fans can empathize with us

As a Suns fan, I know what it's like having your star player go down for a year ('Oden: 'I'm sorry,' ' Sept. 13,

Amare Stoudemire came back, and so will the big fella.

Be patient Portland, the future is bright.

Until then, go Suns!

Robert Mixey

New York

Injured Blazer Sam Bowie defined class

Sam, you were and still are a classy individual (A sore subject, Sept. 18).

You have nothing to apologize for … injuries are a sad part of the game, and that is the risk in playing the game we all love.

Like you, I wish it would have been different and you could have helped bring a championship to this great city.

However, life doesn't always give us what we want.

Most important, we got a chance to know a good man named Sam Bowie. We know that he cares about this city and roots for the team to this very day.

Thank you, Sam. You lead by example. Your class and character are what I want in any Blazer player. Even though it didn't work out the way that we wanted it to, I hope you know that your efforts didn't go unappreciated.

I hope you have found peace with the past and know Blazer fans here appreciate your sentiments.

Keep smiling, Sam, and go Rip City!

Sam Gillam

Southwest Portland

Ask someone who'd already hit puberty

If you are going to ask someone to compare their life now with their life before 9/11 (Six years on, what does 9/11 mean to you at this point?, Sept. 11), you should ask someone who had a life before 9/11.

Six years ago, half of the people the Tribune talked to hadn't even graduated high school yet. They have very little basis for comparison because, essentially, this is how it always has been for them.

Ryan Phelps


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