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Like any new president of a chamber of commerce, John Hanan II wants to increase the membership roll in Lake Oswego.

But Hanan also has something else in mind as he begins his one-year term this week: He wants to retain membership.

'Losing members is an ongoing problem for all chambers,' Hanan said. 'What I hope to do is help our members understand what value there is in being in the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce. I want to increase their awareness of the value of our chamber and what it provides.'

Hanan has a great example of this. Himself. He started his graphic arts business Icon Presentations in 1993 and joined the Lake Oswego Chamber in 1996.

'I didn't immediately get more business,' Hanan said. 'But it gave me more exposure and proved very valuable over the years.'

The new president is eager to list the advantages of being in the Lake Oswego Chamber:

n 'Being in our directory is a great value for its price.'

n There is tremendous networking on Friday mornings, at which 70 to 80 people always show up. 'Every time I see at least four or five new people,' Hanan said.

n 'Our dinner is our signature event. It gives us tremendous exposure.'

Of course, optimism is the badge of honor for any chamber president, but Hanan believes he has especially good reasons to be optimistic about 2007-08.

'We just had our annual strategic planning session,' he said, 'and instead of having a whole laundry list of projects, we want to have three projects that we do really, really well.'

Hanan added, 'We've added five new members on our board, and they're very dynamic individuals. I see this as an exciting year.'

So does Jerry Wheeler, executive director of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce.

'John brings a lot of enthusiasm, new ideas and a large background in marketing,' Wheeler said. 'He will make every effort to make the chamber of commerce more visible in this community.

'With his sense of humor and attention to detail, I think he'll make a great president. He will ask for accountability from all of us.'

Enthusiasm is what Hanan brought to Icon Presentations 14 years ago. After a 30-year career in the computer world as an analyst, code writer and auditor, he decided to go for a new career.

'I wanted to follow my passion for graphic arts and photography,' Hanan said.

The move has paid off big time. Icon Presen-tations has prospered not only financially but artistically, winning many awards. In addition, Hanan has seen the pleasure of seeing his son, John Hanan III, join the business.

His own business has grown right along with Lake Oswego.

'The city is strong,' Hanan said. 'Of course, we're having a couple of controversies. Our chamber is financially strong.'

When Hanan first joined the chamber, he remembers only 15 to 20 people attending morning networking meetings, and 'they were always the same people.'

A six-year board member, Hanan has seen vast improvement, and he anticipates seeing more in his year as president.

'There's a whole different enthusiasm about John,' Wheeler said. 'It's kind of fun.'

For more about John Hanan II and Icon Presentations, see www.iconpresenta .

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